Google Calendar: Change the Default Event Reminders and Alerts

   Posted June 9, 2012 by David Kirk in Google

One of the most powerful features of Google Calendar is the event notification system. Using these steps you can change if reminders are sent through email, SMS, or a pop-up message. You can also disable reminders if you wish.

Google Calendar will happily send a reminder email or a text message at a predefined time period prior to an event. Additionally, if you keep the web application open, you have a pop-up alert you instead. Many users just want the notifications from Google Calendar disabled. By following this tutorial, you can tweak the event reminders in multiple ways.

1. Log in to your Google Calendar.

2. Click the settings gear in the upper right hand corner. Select the Settings link.

select settings under google's gear

3. Go to the horizontal menu in the upper right and select Settings.

4. Under Calendar Settings, select the Calendars link.

5. Go to the desired calendar on the list of My Calendars. Select the Notifications link for that calendar.

Select calendar tab and then notifications

6. Go to the Event reminders section and use the By default, remind me via dropdown and select Email or SMS. You can adjust how much time before the event is provided for the notification to occur.

select email, sms, or pop-up notifications

7. Below, you can adjust how to be notified for various event actions such as when new events are posted, events are changed, etc. These are very beneficial tools for shared calendars.

8. When you are finished, click the Save button.

Like all tech-recipes, this article has been updated multiple times to keep it as updated as possible. Please let us know in the comments if additional updates need to be made.


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  • *Marie*

    Thank you! I will be on time to a lot more now.

  • HC

    Thanks a lot! It bugged me always to have the reminder set. Now it’s turned off. Gracias!

  • guest

    thank you! Been looking for this for a while 🙂

  • thanks – helpful

  • Girrlkitty

    Thank you! I couldn’t figure out how to change that, and I wanted to turn them off altogether by default.

  • Deepcamry

    Is it possible to Notify a group of people at once?

  • Y.S.

    Thank you!

  • Alan Hills

    I’m having the same problem (now in 2012)

    But your recipe needs to be updated. It doesn’t quite work and everything is in a different location.

    Please tell me how to make all (default) notifications emails and NOT popups.


    • David Kirk

      Thanks for letting us know, Alan. I’ve updated the article per your request.

  • Alison in WA

    Yay! Thanks! Good info.

  • I have done this a number of times but they just seem to revert to a default setting.
    I do have a number of calendars and I have even gone in to change the notifications within their own accounts.
    But they still revert to some unwanted default. Can anyone help?

  • Gary

    Thanks for the post, it was helpful. This will allow me to manage notifications but when I receive a “This event has been changed” message is there a way to see what exactly has been changed?

  • manu

    I set up google calendar with my gmail. i would like event reminders to go to my work email. how do i change the default email to which reminders are sent?