Wave Embassy Security : Remove all users / enrolled fingerprints

   Posted September 15, 2007 by Jimmy Selix in Windows security

This recipe explains how to remove and delete all enrolled users and fingerprints in Wave’s Embassy Security Suite. This is very handy if you, like me, had enrolled fingerprints/users but then did a clean install of an OS without deleting the enrolled fingerprints/users. Usually you will get an error saying that the fingerprint is already enrolled but none show in the security center.

I had upgraded my XP Prof installation to Vista by doing a clean install. However, after reinstalling the Embassy Security suite i was unable to re-enroll my fingerprints. It appeared that the TPM/Biometric scanner thought my prints were already enrolled. This recipe will show how to reset all the users and prints.

1. Open windows explorer and go to the C:

2. Then go to Program Files > Wave Systems Corp > Dell Preboot Manager

3. Double-click on the deleteusers.exe

4. This will bring up a command window and a prompt asking if you want to delete all enrolled users. Choose Yes.

5. The command box window will run and then show “users deleted”

6. You should now be able to re-enroll your fingerprint.

This was tested on a Dell D430 laptop w/Wave Embassy Security.


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  • Mo

    Thank you so much! I had this exact problem on my laptop and now it’s fixed thanks to your posting!

  • Syed

    i had dsame problem, it worked

  • Saul

    I do not get the prompt asking yes/no… I get an error message that reads “you must be an administrator to delete users from sensor. Please log on as an Administrator and try again.” The problem is that I’m already logged on as administrator. Any help?

    • Anonymous

      worked for me got the same message as Saul if you get this (will happen only in Vista) just right click on the file and click run as administrator. Problem solved.

    • CITS_TECH01

      You are probably running Windows 7 – right click on the file and choose “Run as administrator”. The problem is that by clicking the file you are executing in user space. “run as admin” will execute the file in system space.

  • Anonymous

    DUDEEEEEE seamonkey, thanks you rule this article is money!!!! this worked!!

  • Anonymous

    Wow, you are a genius I have a Dell Lattitude d420, and I installed Windows 7 over Xp. I have tried for a week now to go thru files, unistall and reinstall, reset bios and everything, and nothing worked. Thanks so much for your help. A note to other who may be having trouble when you locate the file you may need to right click and click on the run as administrator option if the program is not making any changes. It didn’t work the first time I tried but as an administator it ran the program fine.
    Thanks Sooooooooooooo Much!!!

  • Stefanjamiehall

    Doing it this way, would this wipe any of your files? Thanks

  • Junjr7

    I got error unable to locate component. This application has failed to start because vtapi.dll was not found. OS : XP

  • md salehuddn

    How to remove and delete all enrolled user and fingerprint in Wave Security Suite and my problem now I cannot log into my computer.

  • Estere

    Thank you very much

  • garth

    Hello there,
    A computer company here in Darwin Australia claimed they had removed the finger prints security on a Toshiba Laptop that is for sale.
    But on occasion, the same security problem with removing has retutned.
    Please help.
    Phone 0414752674