Google: Search MediaFire for Free Videos, Music, Comics, and Archives

MediaFire is a free file hosting service that offers unlimited storage space and up to 100MB per file which equates to a lot of files to search through for free videos, music, and much more. By using Google, you can check to see what others have posted for download.

To look for music files, use this:

Google: mp3|wma|ogg

For a specific artist, include the artist’s name:

Google: mp3|wma|ogg daughtry

For a specific song, include the song name:

Google: mp3|wma|ogg “over you”

For video files, use this:

Google: asf|rm|avi|mp4|wmv|flv

For Comics, use this:

Google: cbr|cbz

To search for a specific comic title, include it in the query:

Google: cbr|cbz hulk

For archives:

Google: rar|zip

When you go to the resulting MediaFire page, look for this:


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