iPhone: Turn power on and off

Posted June 29, 2007 by Quinn McHenry in Apple iPhone

To conserver power or if you’ve finally had enough of being connected to everything all the time (ha!), you can easily power off your iPhone.

From any screen, press and hold the narrow black sleep/wake, on/off button on the top of the iPhone toward the right.

After a few seconds, the screen will change and at the top will display a button next to the text “slide to power off” and a button at the bottom labeled Cancel.

To power off the phone, slide the power off button from left to right, otherwise tap cancel.

To turn your iPhone on after it has been powered off, press the same on/off button on the top of the phone for a couple of seconds until the display changes. Your iPhone will turn on and reach the home screen in a few moments.


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  • alyssa

    help it froze and I can’t turn it off

    • kris

      i have the same problem what can i do? everything is ok but the power button dont works

      • Anonymous

        hi kris,
        my power button no longer works (fon is 1.5 years old) first generation 8gb.

        could you resolve yours?
        mine works randomly. though I cannot reset the phone, as the button is not working…

      • lisa

        my phone turns off by itself, and i can not turn it on, The only way to turn it on again it has to be connect to charges. i have the old version, and it it connect with t mobile. since its unlock, do you think that is the problem that the phone is unlocked

    • http://www.jwoosley.com/ SumDuud

      If your iphone is frozen then just hold in the top Lock button and the round home button on the front. Push them both in at the same time for about 10 seconds. The screen with flash off and you release the buttons. It will force the phone to reset and you should be good.

      • Kaljhanas

        has worked perfectly fine, thank you for suggestion.

      • Tanen Bodell

        Worked for me, thank you!!!

      • Griffin_julie

        Thanks soooo much. Worked like a charm. You are a genius!

      • kkjj1997

        thanks i think it works

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Bunty-Panwar/1099461838 Bunty Panwar

        thank you very much its work…..

      • Steve-151

        SumDuud your a legend!

      • Sam Toland

        Life saver!

      • Iqra Batool

        i am do it but any query will be start on the screen,and don,t have any responce from thes please give me any more sugeation

      • Hillary

        Thank you! This worked!

      • D_akhavain

        Thankx Alot,,

      • BarbaraM

        Thanks. Held home button and on/off button. It is a start. Now I have the apple sign. What next?

      • Jorobinson27

        Thank you! It worked for me too! My iphone 4 just switched off and I couldn’t turn it back on. Thankfully your suggestion worked fine!!!

      • Norma

        Brilliant that worked well, thanks so much.>

      • Nathan

        THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!!!! It worked. This is a new 5c and it is frustrating when it happens. Now, I can reset it as you stated.

  • ramirez

    my phone just turned off and i can’t turn it back on…what do i do?

    • Anonymous

      Plug it into the charger

  • Patsy

    My iphone constantly comes back on when I power it off. I reset the entire ting but this still keeps happening. Also, when I hit the sleep/wake button when I am not using the phone, it keeps coming back on. what to do?

    • ashu

      Did you find a solution to your problem? I have a Jailbroken iphone 2g with 2.2 installed and have the same symptoms.
      For the issue of the phone waking up again and again try turning off your wifi and also turning on and off your airplane mode through settings. Atleast, I have been able to get it to sleep once I did this.

  • ls

    that doesn’t work. My phone is stuck. I’ve had it for 3 months and this is the first time it won’t turn off. I’ve held it for 10 seconds, 2 second, one minute, nothing. And when I push the big button on the bottom of the front and slide to unlock it is stuck on favorites.

    • cvn25

      I have this exact same problem. Am just downloading software update to see if it solves this.

      When I push the power off it just click and screens goes off ( no slide to power off) and when I press again it comes back on – when I slide it to unlock it diverts to favourites – I can select any of the options under contact, ie recents, contactsm keypad and voicemail but cannot get out of this screen !

  • Anonymous

    Guys, don’t listen to this mor0n.

    To save you the quality of your iPhone (i.e. no scratches), all you have to do is hold down the button on the upper RIGHT hand corner of the iPhone, and then wait for a screen to pop up that says “Slide to Power Off,” Slide it. and then a loading flower will appear on the screen (it’s shutting itself down), and VOILA!@

    • Keith

      Hold the Top button and Home button at the same time for few seconds till the apple logo comes!!

      • ken

        thanks keith. your suggestion works for me. appreciate very much.

      • Anonymous

        ahhhhhh brilliant….was just bout to post mine back..you beaut!

      • Anonymous

        My apple appears on the screen
        It shows nothing but the apple on the screen (it is frozen)
        When I press the top button it will not power off.
        I tried calling my phone but it went to an answering machine,
        I also can not call out

  • matt

    my iphone just turned off and now it will not come back on.
    iv tried everything from holding the power button for a minute, 10 seconds, 30 seconds and everything else. iv tried holding the power button and the home button at the same time but nothing will work.
    any suggestions?

  • gabriel

    my iphone 2G 8gig just won’t turn back on

  • irish

    i cannot turn on/off my iphone….im also planning to change my SIM card but i dont know how to open it.I lost my user guide.i’ve been trying to find the answer over the net but still cant find the solution.please help me.

    • hippo

      on a 3g there is a little slot at the top and you push a paperclip into the hole and it pops open

  • Henning Ras

    MOst of th etime the application is running in the background and still uses the power and speed of the proccessor. Like in MAC you can Force quite you can do it in the iPhone too.

    To FORCE QUIT a program after you used it do the following:

    From any screen, press and hold the narrow black sleep/wake, on/off button on the top of the iPhone toward the right.

    After a few seconds, the screen will change and at the top will display a button next to the text “slide to power off” and a button at the bottom labeled Cancel.

    To FORCE QUIT the program now is to press and hold the HOME BUTTON for about 6-8 seconds untill you have the normal home screen again.

    This will speed up the proccessor when working with apps like games that takes a lot of proccessor .

  • Anonymous

    should i turn my iphone off every night and should i turn off location service?

  • Anonymous

    I need to know….my friend’s iPhonw is not charging…It just a picture of a red battery and a lightning bolt…..no matter how long you charge it for….We need help.And it’s her’s soooo….And it’s not my charger,because that worked on everything else(iTouch,iPod) So…PLEASE help me..Us…..because it is a very expensive phone and we have no idea what to do!! Thanks ~Jana~

  • Anonymous

    i held the top button to turn off but now wont turn back on.

    • Andrewaqu

      Push and hold the top sleep button and the home button simultaneously for 6-8 seconds, once you see the screen flash release the home button but keep hold of the sleep button for about 4 seconds, you will see the apple sign and the phone will start up. Make sure you clear out your multi task apps once a day so that your phone doesn’t crash or prevent from a wake up again

  • Anonymous

    my 3G 32 mg suddenly turned off and it is not comeing on?? the battery was 1/2 when this happen , the phone is only 30 days old officly unlocked,,,can any one help why is it not comeing on?

    • siri

      connect tor PC n leave it for a day it call restore back

  • Anonymous

    i dropped my 2g iphone in a concrete road with the power button hit first and it sank and wontkgo back.so when it ran out battery i tried to charge it and try to put
    the power on it wont do it . please tell what to do.i love my iphone.

  • Anonymous

    seriously.. whenever i turn my iPhone it takes like a minute!!! esp.. when i turn it off! and i need a hardcore strength to press the damn button… its so annoying!!! and it’s NEW!

    • SIRI


  • Anonymous

    my iphone 3g keeps on switching off by it self and if i have to switch it on i have to press the round button and the sleep button, and its so hard to switch it back on.its still brand new

  • Anonymous

    i had pressed that but my phone is froze on the screen of sliding the bar and the cancle button. and now i cant do anything with it. what do i do?

  • Anonymous

    New Iphone 16GB,it powered off on its own and it does not turn back on

    • Anonymous

      how did you sort this, my brother has just had the exact same problem.

      • Zoka

        Hold on/off button on the top right corner and the home button at the same time for about 30 seconds and it will turn on.

    • mlb

      i’m having the same problem how do you fix this?

    • siri

      just connect to ur PC leave it for 15min after that just hold the centre joy and power button for 35sec it will automatically gets up with APPLE logo call me after that happens +919247484444

  • Anonymous

    I know how to turn off my iphone. However, it now will not turn off. I also can not call out or receive phone calls. I wanted to reboot it but because I can not turn it off I can not reboot it. The screen just shows an apple on it.

    • Anonymous

      did you figure out how to fix it when its frozen on the apple symbol?

  • Anonymous

    turning it off went perfect but i went to turn it on, and it just froze on an apple symbol. how do i fix this?

  • Anonymous

    i have turned my iphone off and when i attempt 2 turn it back on it cums up with a itunes pic and a cable .. pls help iv only had the phone a week!??

    • Anonymous

      did you jailbreaked ur phone?

    • Angela_cimmarusti

      U reset it back to factory … You need to either plug it into a computer with iTunes or take it to AT&T and they will do it for you

  • myke

    i can not turn my Iphone on. after holding down the on off bu5on on the top of the phone

  • Tye:)))

    if its frozen,
    hold down both the home and sleep button till the phone turns off.

  • Mathee Tormos

    I have the 16gb it wont turn back on….Give me step by step directions.
    thank you

  • shifana

    when i off but in few minites does not change in screen

  • Rick

    what if it is a jailbroken iPhone? Will it come on again and work? Or do I have to “re-jailbreak” it?

    • Anonymous

      Nope. It’ll work just fine.

      Only issue you should have to worry about after jailbreak are applying Apple updates to the iPhone software.

  • Bets

    my phone was turned off. I reset it by pressing both the power and the front button for a few seconds. The apple logo went on but i cannot get into my main screen. Any suggestion?

  • emily !!!

    welll ii cantt turnn my onn !!!!!!

    • SteveJobbs

      suck it up and buy Nokia

  • Gabriel

    i have an Iphone 3G and now is turning on and off by itself every 2 min..and kill my battery..how i can fix that!??.

  • Kate

    My iPhone power on/off button is broken! What now?????????

  • Mddilnawazalamalam

    I have taken some picture from my apple iphone and video recording approximately ten minutes after that i closed it then after fifteen or 20 minutes I want to open it again but it will not open.Please provide the solution.

  • Mddilnawazalamalam

    Actually I try it so many times but still not open I don’t understand the battery is completely discharge or finish .I put my phone in charging but still not open.

  • Jheck_thugz

    when i turn off my iphone i cant turn it on unless i connect it in pc to reboot it..can you help me to find way not to connect it in the pc when i turn it on.

  • Jonah Kaufman

    The slim button on the top right no longer works on my iphone, thus I cannot turn it off. Are there any apps that will hard restart the phone? (i.e. QuickPull for Blackberry)


  • hernandez

    Is there any way possible that you can set a timer on my (Iphone 4) To where it turns off at a certain time, and turns on at a certain time?? Is there like a app. i can get or SOMETHING?!!!!

  • Tex3112

    help?? ive reset iphone so i can sell it, followed on screen instructions etc and it said it would take about an hour, four hours later still have an apple icon and thats it, cant switch it on or anything, have tried forced reset, ie top button and big one for ten seconds, it switches of, powers up and alas back to apple icon and thats it, im suppose to be selling this on monday, can anyone help??

  • Ralicea


    • hanzlik

      did you fina a solution im having the same issues ?

  • Vinitdifferent

    What if Slide to Power off otion does not appear even after long hard pressing of the top button. Please help.

  • Wuiwui6074

    thanks dear~ my iphone can on after listen to you

  • BP

    awesome tip, i replaced the LCD on my iphone and it was powered on so wouldn’t recognize the new one. utube tips said to take it back apart and disconnect the battery (would have been a real pain!)..this backdoor reset worked perfect! thanks much

  • Ann
  • Karl

    thank you…it really works..!!

  • Kathaiatsea

    My family members are in my Contacts and I insert their Birthdays. While the dates appear on the Calendar, no alarm is given and I cannot find any way to insert an alarm other than to scroll forward to next year’s Birthday (which is a pain) and install a diary entry with an alarm. Is there any way this can be done under “Birthday” ?

  • Alinanyc

    does it work for iphone 4 in 32GB for verizon wireless?

  • Sonya

    Thanks for the suggestion worked right away!!

  • James_the_cod

    Thanks for the reset tip.  Panic over 

  • Natiays69

    thank you… superb……it’s working now 🙂

  • Xoxpandaz

    Mine ran out of batteries and was being charged last night but now in the morning it is still charging at the red bar and it wont turn on. I need help!!!!

  • Shantell314

    My Iphone 3gs turned off by itself and will not power on. I have tried to charge it with car charger, wall charger and computer. But I think it still had battery power to begin with. I have tried to hold down the power button and home button at the same time and it still will not come on. The phone is only 2 months old and I don’t know what else to try. Any suggestions. [email protected]

  • declan

    also may i recommend, if your phone keeps turning off overnight, put it on charge before you go to bed, as i know that when it loses battery and wont turn back on its frustraiting.

  • may

    Hi!!my iphone 3G is nearly 3 years and jail broken.Yesterday I updated 31 applications as it is shown in the icon. After the update I used skype and it worked. I tried to open the application icon but it is getting hanged so as I thought turning it off is the answer then I did turn it off. After that I turned it on but i am only getting the apple logo. I turn it off again but it won’t work so I press the wake button along with the home button and it turn off but automatically turning on showing the apple logo only. I tried connecting it to itunes but it won’t connect but is charging. PLEASE HELP.

  • NOOB

    i try to reboot my jailbroken iphone 3g and the reboot stop half way so my phone is basically lock. when i try to rejeal break it, it won’t jail break. and i tried to turn off my phone. the slide to turn off does not appear. it automatic shut off. need serious help

  • Lashanda

    This phone wont turn off i tried to hold the sleep button down that wont work i tried holding the front button an the top button at the same time n that does not work either the rest of the phone is ok i meed help bad what to do please

  • Anonymous

    I think your power button is broken… you should bring it back to apple and ask them to fix it for you

  • samantha

    thank you this help a lot now my iphone has come back on

  • http://gmail deepu

    i have turned out my mobile but not turning on my mobile what i should do to turn on my mobile

  • zainab ismat

    my sleep/awake button is broken and my phone is turned off how can i open it ?

  • Jennifer

    My iPhone 4 lock button is broken and my phone crashes on me and will not turn back on because the lock button is broken. I have tried plugging the phone into the charger and it doesn’t turn on. How do I turn my iPhone back on??

  • Yasmin

    Help i dropped my IPhone and the power button on the top has sunk and as a result it isn’t working and it ran out of battery is there any way to fix or turn it on.