How to Add Files to Google Drive

Google has finally released Google Drive, a major Dropbox competitor. Not only does it allow access to files in your Google Drive folder from the web, but it also syncs with your phone or tablet.

Google Drive is Google’s venture into simple cloud-based storage for the individual user. Yes, it is very similar to Dropbox, but, not surprisingly, it also automatically attached to your Google Docs account. In typical google fashion, search will be a powerful tool. Files will eventually even receive OCR to help search scanned documents.

For most users, Google Drive will appear as any other folder within your Windows system. You can drag and drop files to and from this area. Following these steps and pictures should explain it fully.

Adding Files to Your Google Drive

When Google Drive installs, a folder is added to your User Folder called Google Drive. A link to it is also placed in the Favorites Library. These two locations are easily visible on the left in Windows Explorer.

Leftside Browser

Locate the file that you want to add to your Google Drive folder, and simply drag it over to the Google Drive folder on the left side of Windows Explorer.

Drage File to Google Drive

That’s it! Now you can access the files in your local Google Drive folder, from the web, or on your mobile device.

Drive Folder


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The Conversation

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  • Nai

    Yup, its very easy. It just drag n drop or copy paste file to Google Drive folder. But, how to secure Google Drive folder, maybe like passwords protected?

    • Windows doesn’t have any sort of built in feature for locking or password protecting folders without Zipping them. There are third-party softwares out there that do provide this feature, however. Maybe check out Lock-a-Folder. >

  • Paul

    When you drag fhe file to Google does it MOVE the file or just copy it?

    • Dragging and dropping, as demonstrated in the tutorial, WILL move the file. If you only want to place a copy of the file in your Google Drive folder, simply right click the file, select Copy, then click the Google Drive folder to open it. Right click inside the Google Drive folder and select Paste. This will put a copy of the file into the Google Drive folder.

  • popsy

    i like both Google and drop box but i dont like the fact that i have to move or copy a file to get it sync. i would like my file to be sync from the location i have it at. this is a big feature that i think is missing from both products.

  • HiTekMom

    I was checking my stats on visitors access on my website and found the following URL listed, but I don’t recognize it…hoping you can share some light as to what this path is:

    file:///C|/Users/aarons/Google Drive/p a v b s (dot) com/home.html

    (I added the spaces and the word dot in my url to prevent robot searches)

    Thx much.

    • > HiTekMom, I’m really not sure what you’re asking… You were checking your stats and found that link? Where did you find it? On your actual site? That link won’t work for anyone besides whomever’s machine it came from. It’s a local file path link. PAVBS is a consumer bankruptcy petition drafting service, so I’m assuming whoever put that link up has some control over the PAVBS website. I don’t think you have anything to worry about with that link appearing on your site.

      • HiTekMom

        Hi Aaron,

        Thank you for replying to my inquiry. To insist you in better evaluating my concerns, I am providing the following info:
        1. the site p a v b s, is my company and I created the site
        2. I added code to track my visitors
        3. I found the path in the admin area of the stat program where I view broad information on visitors, such as which link they click, how long they stayed on the page, etc.
        4. I realize the path is local, the problem is….it’s not my path so I’m perplex as to why its showing up in my stat log

        If the path belongs to the visitor, why is it showing up on my stat log?

        Thank you.

        • Hmm, that’s quite odd. The only thing that I could possibly think of to cause a local path to be displayed in your tracking page is that a user has saved the page p a v b s DOT com/home.html to their google drive folder, and then opened the file… But I don’t know why it would show up in your log. It’s as if they’ve somehow linked it to your actual site from a local file.

  • Dutsjjj

    I experienced a bug on XP: copy-pasted (right mouse click) a folder with contents. GD did not notice, did not sync it.
    Only when I quilted GD and restarted it, syncing started.

  • I’m trying to move files to the Google Drive folder, but I don’t see it in Windows XP under my User Folder. ALso don’t see a link in the Favorites Library. Is this because of XP ? Let me know if you want to see a screen shot. Thanks.

    • I’m not entirely sure where Google Drive places a folder in XP. In the bottom right of your screen, beside the time, you should see an arrow that reveals hidden icons of programs running in the background. The Google Drive logo should be one of these programs hiding. Right click the little icon, and choose Open Google Drive folder. The file path should be displayed at the top of the explorer window that opens to the GDrive folder.