Wii Remote: How to Change Volume on the Wiimote

   Posted January 16, 2007 by David Kirk in Nintendo Wii

My wii’s wiiremote (wii remote) volume is way too loud. How do I decrease it?

The sound coming out of the tiny wii remote speaker can be painful. Here is how to change the volume. (I bet most people will be decreasing it.)

1. In your game, press the HOME key on your wii remote
2. Click the image of the wii remote in the lower left corner.


3. Change the volume


4. Click Close Wii Remote Settings


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  • homey G

    damn man u savd me hear io was just about to give my wii away before you told us about how to lower that damn volume!

  • Jin

    Thank you Thank you!

  • Dan

    Who knew it would be that simple! Thank you! I WILL be decreasing it.

  • Lea


  • Csillz

    The freakin’ controller was waking my infant up in the next room with the door closed! For Pete’s sake!!! Thanks for the help!

  • Grateful

    Thank you! It seems obvious now but we never thought to try that. It’s so great being able to watch TV in the living room without listening to clanging noises from down the hall!

  • no

    Perfect. Nice tip

  • Anonymous


  • jen

    I think I love you!!

  • Chris

    Oh man! Thank you so much! My son was driving me crazy with all the shooting.

  • Guest

    Now we can enjoy Guitar Hero without that terrible clang every time we fumble. Thanks!

  • Great tip – thanks. The remote volume was so loud that people on the other side of the house through two closed doors could hear it!

  • Anonymous

    This is really good article to read. And seems that most useful for others. I am big fan of Nintendo games and playing lots of games on my Nintendo WII. I love to play some time classic Nintendo games.

  • Faaiq Bilal

    I took the volume to zero but still the volume was too loud

    • Vicki

      Same here…didn’t change the BLARING that comes from my tv!!! I’m about to remove the damn Wii!!!!

  • Eugene

    lol THANKS. simple but very helpful to a lot of people.

  • Mars


  • Solenn

    Thanks a lot from Paris, France !

  • Thank you! Now my kids will stop complaining about the volume on one of our wiimotes. The other came just fine.

  • Tiffany

    this is my friends code 4857-2603-6002 and my wii console is 1315-9206-8214-2302

  • Malon

    Every time I swung my sword in twilight princess was painful to hear… but no longer! thanks so much for making this game more enjoyable!