Word 2007: How To Change the Measurement Units

Posted January 8, 2007 by Rob Rogers in Microsoft Word

Sometimes other applications can change the measurement units in Word from their default setting. You can change these back to their default (or change them to another setting) by doing the following:

1. Click the Office Button.

2. Click the Word Options button.

3. Select Advanced in the left pane.

4. Scroll down to the Display section.

5. Use the Show measurements in units of dropdown to select from Inches, Centimeters, Millimeters, Points, or Picas.

6. Click OK.


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  • Jean

    Tech-Recipes, thanks for being there. I can understand adding the new features, buy why change the program so drastically. Thus far, it takes more mouse picks than before to do some key tasks and using the right click is more unproductive than before not to mention doing away with some of the Ctrl options makes using 2007 frustrating. It may be prettier and have more icons but it is not practical. I am VERY GOOD with Microsoft Word and do not need all of the little pictures/icons to help me decide what to do and then do it for me.

  • Thank you! You saved me. Spent about an hour in vain trying to find Tools->Options. Guys from Microsoft were foolish enough not to introduce option: “Use MS Word 2003 buttons and menu layout”. MS Office 2007 is as disgusting as Windows Vista. As a result the transfer from earlier versions of MS Office to Open Office is much easier than to MS Office 2007

  • hangtt

    thanks a lot.

  • Anonymous

    Thanx shamanstears that helped me alot :]

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  • Michael

    I was at a seminar this morning for accounting software technology – I asked the seminar leader if he knew how correct my measurement problem – I mentioned I went to Office 2007 site – followed the procedure they suggested going to control panel and make a similar change. He suggested a google search and the first site was this one – followed the instructions and it worked immediately (I need to change from Metric to Inches). Thanks for the assistance

  • Sarimah

    Thanks for the valuable info. What used to be simple suddenly became a problem.

  • lia

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  • GC

    thanks! was trying to find out the “Tools” menu like in Word2003 for a good half an hour, and even tried Help section which didnt really help!!! i think the changes they made in Word2007 didnt actually benefit the program versatility!!!

    • Anonymous

      Hi, Did you eventully find out how to change those f…. inches to a metric system. ?

  • Anonymous

    MS WORD 2007 instead of improving and making it more friendly user, has become a nightmare for even conversant in Word users. The worst is, that there is no chance to convert a measurment from inches to metric system. In addtion the increments are so confusing as one inch has been divided in 10 / note metric system used- hehehe/, so could you / familiar with imperial system / tell me how would you set up for instance a margin for 1.9″ ?

  • Anonymous

    Is anybody out there who would tell me how to change a measurments in MS WORD 2007 from inches to a metric measurement?

  • Anonymous

    Thank you very much. I have looked a lot of time to find out how to change measurement units in word 2007

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    Thank you very much. I have looked a lot of time to find out how to change measurement units in word 2007. Have a nice weekend.

  • emad

    Thank you! You saved me. Spent about an hour in vain trying to find Tools->Options. Guys from Microsoft were foolish enough not to introduce option

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  • Christopher

    What “word options”?!! I keep running across this advice for Word 2007, but there is no such option under the Office Button.

    • Keytonl

      I don’t have the “Word Options” choice under the Microsoft button either. Did you find it?

  • alex

    thank you very much!

  • Guest

    I am on a mac, and I can not find the office button anywhere. Please help?

  • Karen

    A quick update – I also found that in the same section (Office>Word Options>Advanced>Display) that checking the “Show Pixels for HTML Display” allows you to format tables in pixels. Handy if you need to align tables to Excel workbooks, since they only display in characters and pixels.That by itself is a little puzzling – integration, anyone? – but if you have a need to make sure the column widths for these two programs are the same, this does it.

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  • Fei Souw

    I already knew that way on Word XP..but on 2007???It’s like I’m searching one by one on the menu..’n I can’t still find it until u show to me.It’s weird..why I can’t see the “Word Options” button?
    Tyvm..I finally figured it out.

    • WMW

      If you click on the Office Button, on the bottom right side there is a button on the right side to exit word and to the left of it is the option button

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  • Jacquie Farris

    In the Word 2007: How to change the meansurement Units, it tells me to click the “Office Button”………..
    I have spent 1/2 an hour looking for that button and can’t find it.

    Very Frustrating: Please direct me.
    I need to change all measurements from cm to inches.
    Let me know ASAP

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    THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!! Nice clear and precise directions!

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    ur instruction si very clear n useful
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  • Will Robins

    Thank you. Instructions remain relevant and helped me figure out where to adjust my options. Thank you for having this out there.

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    How can I change theTextbox scale in Format in Excell 2007 from inches to Centimetres?. Thank you Eddie.