Google Spreadsheets: Placing a Hyperlink in a Cell

Posted December 1, 2006 by Rob Rogers in Google

Google Spreadsheets allows hyperlinks to be placed into the cells of your spreadsheet. You can either display the entire URL or use a simple title for the link, just follow this tech-recipe:

To display the entire URL:

Simply type the URL into the cell. When this cell is selected, an icon will appear. Clicking on the icon will take the viewer to the URL in a new window.

To display a title instead of the URL:

You will need to use a formula to display the title.

(example: =hyperlink(“”,”Tech-Recipes”)


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  • vijai

    thank you, its very useful doing things quickly because of your help.

  • Joe

    Is it possible to hperlink to another page in the same workbook?

  • Ben

    Thanks didnt know about that function 🙂

  • wilberfan

    Gee, this was the top hit in Google when I did a search on how to embed a hyperlink. I think it should be correct with that kind of ranking!

    That comma should be a semi-colon? (With a space on either side?)

    (example: =hyperlink(”” ; ”Tech-Recipes”)

  • Pretty neat trick for Google Spreadsheets. Thanks.

  • what about linking to a certain cell within the same spreadsheet (its a huge spreadsheet) – the aim is to get down to that cell in a certain section way down below, faster…

    • zs

      Anastacia – did you find an answer to how to link to another cell withing the same sheet?

  • Rein

    but it does not work in a published html page, i’m afraid

  • I get an error when entering the code; asking for source code or something

  • Berl Kaufman

    Useful, but incomplete. How would you do the following in a google spreadsheet:

    Click here to visit the URL

    Where the “here” word is an underscored hyperlink. The hyperlink command only works when the function is separate and distinct within a cell. Does not work with the concatenator (&) or with the concatenate function.