Zune: How To Manually Add Album Art

Posted November 20, 2006 by Rob Rogers in Zune

You will find that sometimes the album art for your music is missing or incorrect. You can manually add an image to fix this. To manually add album art, follow this tech-recipe:

1. Locate the image you will use for the album art.

2. Right-click the image and click Copy.

3. Open up the Zune software.

4. Browse to the desired album in your library and right-click the album art box.

5. Select Paste Album Art.

Note: Be sure to use small files for your album art to take up less disk space and to prevent possible issues with playback.


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  • Leigh

    Why would my option to “Paste Album Art” always be greyed out, and therefore ‘unclickable’? THis hold true for albums with no albume art, ones with album art atuomtically found on the web and applied and several albums that all have the same ‘wrong’ album art (it is album art from one of my albums but it appears for several albums where there is no online album art to download.) I have spent an hour surfing online and sloggin through Microsfot doc. but hopefully hear someone might actually see my question and reply.

    • http://www.tech-recipes.com/ Rob Rogers

      I’ve never experienced this. I will also do some research and see what I can find.

  • mduvall

    I tried to add album art to my songs but it only stores the album art in my picture section

  • Gliderbee

    I spent hours adding all the missing album art, only to find that even after updating my zune device about 5 times, NO album art was transferred to the device! yet another time I am totally disappointed in the zune. The only good thing i can say is it works, and it has lots of disk space. other than that it has an awful user interface, both device AND supporting program.