Spotify: Prevent Facebook Posts About Songs You Listen To

Posted September 26, 2011 by Rob Rogers in Internet, Music

All of the changes that are going on with Facebook have some people concerned about what is getting posted to their wall. Spotify’s integration with Facebook will allow it to post all songs you listen to your wall so your friends can check out your music choices. If you don’t want people to know what you are listening to, you can disable this and they’ll never know.

The Spotify-Facebook integration will allow your friends to see everything you are listening to:

To disable these postings:

1. Open Spotify.

2. Go to Preferences (for Windows users, go to the menu, click Edit and select Preferences; for Mac users, go to the menu, click Spotify and select Preferences).

3. Go to the Facebook section. Uncheck the Get personal recommendations by sending music you play to Facebook’s Open Graph checkbox.


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The Conversation

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  • What is the downside of just disconnecting your Spotify account from Facebook altogether? On the other hand, what is the benefit of being connected? Unless you have a great argument to the contrary, it seems like if you don’t want what you are listening to posted on Facebook (and I don’t) then you should just disconnect.

  • Craig

    From a personal perspective, I enjoy having access to my friends’ playlists and starred songs from the ‘people’ toolbar in Spotify. It makes it easier for me to send and receive songs I might dig to my friends.

    However I like it leave my Facebook wall alone, so I disable that feature, but keep it connected.

  • Right now you can’t sign up for free account without FB account, and “Disconnect from Facebook” option is not available anymore.