Facebook: How to view your active Facebook sessions and end them

   Posted September 24, 2011 by Jimmy Selix in Internet

Facebook is one of the most popular social media networks.  However with the influx of new users to Facebook, hackers and hacking will increase.  This guide will explain how to view where and when your Facebook account is actively logged into and also how to log out these active sessions.  This can be very handy if you think your account has been hacked by checking the active sessions and their locations and times or even if you forgot to log out on a public terminal.

1. Login to your Facebook account

2. In the upper right hand area, click the Drop-down arrow and then Account Settings.

3. Go to the Security section on the left.

4.  Now on the right hand section, choose the Active Sessions setting.

5.  You will see your current session at the very top and any other sessions that are currently logged in or connected.

This list will show your Android, iPhone, Blackberry and other connections.  The Device Type field shows the device or browser that was used and Location field where (not exact of course but approximate) and the date of course shows the date/time of last activity in that session.

6. If you see an unfamiliar session, just click on the End Activitybutton and it will disconnect that session and require the session to re-login.

Any session that is logged in and you hit the End Activity on will receive a re-login message the next time they try to refresh the view or click any item.


-Password notes: be sure to use a secure one, adding a number and a non-standard character (ie @#$%) can increase it dramatically.

-If you end session on a device (ie iPhone, Android, Blackberry), you will just need to re-login to the app the next time its launched.


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  • christy

    I received sec alert at login that my account had been accessed from another location. I need a copy of that alert showing time and place of the login.How can I get it? Or how can I get more history in active sessions to go back to that time – a little over 24 hours ago.

  • uzwal

    How do i end an active session from a nokia phone?it always shows 2 active session nd i am online 24hrs since 2 days…plz help..

  • Carole Boucher-Roussel

    What if in the Active Session there is no “end activity” what do I do then? I still have somebody logging on to my facebook page in the middle of the night, this is really getting ridiculous. Please help me.

  • Jimmy Selix


    i’d recommend changing your password for facebook and see if that resolves this. you can’t prevent someone from logging in if they have your password; this just allows you to end logged in sessions. they are not saving the login it prob won’t have a “End Activity” option. Also, sometimes the location it shows here may be inaccurate since mobile connections don’t always go through the router in your area (ie my tmobile devices may show Colorado as the location even though i’m in minnesota w/my device).

    hope that helps!

  • Janet

    If a password is changed–can someone that is in a active session see your new password when you change it. There is not an option to end the session.

    • >i dont believe so. i would assume the logged in session would log them out and in turn ask them to relogin using the new password.

  • felia

    I’m sure one of my friend still open my account from her blackberry to read my private message, once I was log in from her device and unable to log it out because of something (i really regret it). i’ve end all of session active, i doubt it because i only see active session from computers, I’m also logged in my mobile phone, and the session isn’t appear when i check it from my laptop, so i think there is a possibility she still able to access my account from blackberry since I haven’t end the session. I ‘ve change my password, will it work?

  • lorna

    my active session keeps showing accessed via android even though i have ended it several time and im using an iphone. Can it be mistaken my iphone as android?

  • Dori Ducharme

    Question – I do not have an iphone, I have a blackberry, but when I looked into my facebook account it looked like my account was accessed with an iphone (the activity session) – but it was at the same exact time I was using my blackberry to access the account.

  • Kevin

    I am showing ‘facebook for android’ session sometimes on my account. I don’t have an android…could this be an error on facebook? Or is somone definately accessing my account from an android?

  • adera

    My active session is showing “Facebook for Android” and even if I tried to end the session, it comes back on. It indicates that someone login one month ago but what worries me the most is the status update someone did yesterday, which was very defamatory. How can I end that session in any other way possible? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

    • David Kirk

      If somebody posted a status update as you yesterday, they have access to your account. Kill all active sessions and change your password immediately.

  • Amy

    I looked at my active sessions and I use verison but it shows some where in kanas someone was using cingular why is this? I live in Texas

  • Confused

    If you log into your facebook account, and log out by clicking “log out” is the session still logged?

    If you log out by clicking log out, and the active session does not show, is there a way to retrieve where the account was logged into last? Thanks.

    • Confused

      > also, this is when using a computer that has Windows Vista! Thanks!

  • kane

    why when i sign into my facebook through the blackberry app it dosnt seem to show it as an active session, i have my account setup to send a text when an unrecognised device logs in but with the bb app it does not alert me

  • nsihilal

    Can you please tell me if there is a method to login FB without showing the exact location..?? I wanna login to an account which is being handled from another country. Please help me. Thank you.

  • NoName

    Can you see a history? Concerned, I ended several “Active” sessions. Now I wonder who might have hacked my account. I did change my FB and gmail password immediately. But I want to know the access history in FB. Is that possible?

  • Heather

    I’m on Facebook chat and for some reason my active time isn’t showing on my friends phone it’s blank. I’d like my active chat to be on but it won’t show for some reason.. Can you help me?

  • Dawn Richardson

    I have checked my Active sessions on F/B data states the location is 23 miles from where I actually live but the equipment is correct that it is signed into Mac 10.8

    I suspect I have been hacked as the Location is where they live and signed in is not where I live in Southampton IP address says Portsmouth… is this because SKY use their server in this area and its a dynamic session with many others using the same address?
    My daughter has the same place on her IP address.we have checked..

    The person I suspect of hacking into my account lives in this named place…
    This has happened to me before but was alerted last time. However not on this occasion.
    Is there any other way I can check if I am being hacked..I have had some strange things happen.. like someone pretending to be a friend but in disguise as one of them by making a false page. Then I talk to them thinking they are my friend ..in doing this the person get information.

  • mani

    I did nt have use facebook in another city but in active session i found different location..and chrome windows 7..what the problem..i also change my password but its happend