Accessing Google with OS X’s Parental Controls Enabled

   Posted June 16, 2011 by David Kirk in Apple Mac, Google

For many years mac computers using parental controls have had difficulty accessing secure (HTTPS) sites. The generated errors appear as cryptic SSL errors. These steps should get your mac successfully connected to google services such as gmail.

My daughter has recently started learning online through khanacademy. Initially, we had great difficulty trying to login through her google account. The initial errors were of the SSL variety, and Safari reported a generic inability to “establish a secure connection to the server.”

The parental controls built into OS X has never navigated secure sites correctly. Typically, this can be corrected by adding the troublesome site to the Website Restrictions exclusion list; however, since google bounces through such a great number of servers, it can be more difficult.

1. Open Parental Controls in Preferences
2. Select the account to change and unlock if needed to make changes
3. Click the Web tab and click the Customize… button.
4. Under Always allow these websites: add the following entries:

exceptions needed to access google with parental controls enabled

Once the entries are in the system, press the OK button. You may need to restart your browser to notice the changes.


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The Conversation

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  • Casey

    THANK YOU! IT worked!

  • Rachel

    I have to do this for all 4 of my children on all 6 machines we have. Would be nice if I could import a file of pre-approved links after updating the file once, instead of hand typing all the above into every user’s parental controls.

  • Larry

    If you copy these into one document and put it on a flash drive or on your network drive, you don’t even need to type them once.

    I agree that you should be able to import a file, and that adding one web site at a time is tedious.
    With copy and paste you don’t need to type them over and over again.
    Paste one address in at a time.

  • Bob

    our daughter has to use google docs for school and this has been the only thing that worked. Thanks so much!

  • Dave

    Looks like they changed one of their IPs. I needed to add to get it to work. How: in Firebug, it was complaining of not raching but that was in the OK list. But the actual IP looked a lot like the IP above, so I tried that one and it worked.

  • eMcD

    Just wanted to thank you so much for detailing this solution. It worked as described and now I can feel comfort in allowing my children to begin their journey of exploration across the internet. Thanks again for this contribution.