Facebook: How Do I Ban Someone from a Group?

   Posted April 11, 2011 by Lê Hoàng in Internet

Increasingly, Facebook’s group feature is becoming a popular way for communities of people to interact and coordinate online. We at tech-recipes use Facebook groups, for example, to discuss our plans for world domination. However, group members occasionally become annoying or evil. Banning such ruffians becomes the only option.

1. Log in to your Facebook account.

2. Locate the group on the left side bar.

3. Click See All to view the members in the group.

4. Find the member that you want to ban and click x.

5. When the pop up window appears, check on Ban Permanently, and hit Confirm.

Note: You must have admin rights to be able to ban members. Banned members will not be able to see the group and its contents in search results.


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  • halim

     how can i search for a banned member of a group, among ban – list?i want to add him/her back to my group

    • Anonymous

      To do that, please follow from step 1 to 3. There is a “View Banned” at the top, just click it and you can view the banned members 🙂

      Hope this helps

  • salim

    my group has more than 3000 people…. whein try search to block some idiots im unable to fine them!!!
    all i can see is 300 member…. !! what do i do now!!!

  • I have a large group and when I search for a specific member to ban I cannot locate her. Searching by name…she doesn’t come up. Searching all…only the first 500 or so appear.

  • RK

    Similar roblem as Staci. Not “all” of the group members are appearing in the group’s membership roster, so it makes it impossible to ban someone if they are not listed there. Any thoughts / suggestions?

  • Vesna

    My problems also banning people.. I have 11,500 members. Their in no particular order.. Even search it doesn’t show up..