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XP: Scheduled Defrag

With XP, you can set your PC to defrag any time, day or night, without having to be there.

This method will allow you to choose the drive you wish to defrag, as scheduled tasks sometimes have trouble with this.

Create Scheduled Task:
-Open Start\all programs\accesories\system tools\task scheduler.
-Double-click Add Scheduled Task.
-Click Next.
-Browse to the following (depending on your XP version):
XP PRO -> C:\Windows\System32\dfrg.exe
XP HOME -> C:\Windows\System32\defrag.exe

-Now, set up how often you would like the system to defrag. (Once per month is probably enough.)
-Click Next, and then check the box to show advanced settings on finish.
-Click Finish.

Set Drive for Defrag:
*The program choice was simply to give you the correct options.
-Change the command line to defrag C: if you want to defrag the C:\ drive, or replace it with the desired drive letter.
-That is all there is to it. You will not get the nice GUI MS design, but instead a DOS prompt. However, it will equate to the same end result. Your drive will be defragmented at a convenient time.

*If you wish to test your task, right-click on it, and press run. To stop the defrag, press CTRL+C.

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-William. § (marvin_gohan)



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