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Making DVD Backups with Nero Ultra Edition 6.3.xx

This tech-recipe explains how to use two programs to back up your DVD-9 movies (dual layered, over 4.36GB in size). The programs include DVD Decrypter and Nero Ultra Edition 6.3.xx .

-DVD Decrypter : http://www.dvd-decrypter.org/
-Nero Burn Ultra Edition 6.3.xx with NeroVision Express Installed : http://www.nero.com
-DVD burner

Step 1-Ripping Movie to Hard Drive Using DVD Decrypter

First, copy the movie you want to back up onto your hard drive so that you can remove the macrovision and CSS encryption. (If you do not do this, Nero 6 will not let you edit, modify, or back up the movie.)

Pop in your movie, and open DVD Decrypter. In my example, I am using my Transformers Season 1, Vol. 1 DVD .(It has multiple episodes.)

Make sure you have it set to Mode Set to File and make sure to Select All files . (That way, you can keep your menus if you want. If not, you can unselect them in Nero Recode later.)

Then save the movie somewhere on your hard drive and click the Rip button. (In my example, I save my files to J:\TRANSFORMERS\VIDEO_TS\.)

This will take about 10 minutes.

Step 2 – Using Nero 6 Ultra Edition to Recode the Movie to Fit onto a Blank DVD (DVD-5, 4.7GB disc)

Open Nero StartSmart

Click the DVD tab on the upper right. Then go to Photo and Video button. Choose Recode DVD-Video.

A Nero Recode 2 window will open.

Click the Import DVD button to import the DVD we just ripped.

Now, browse to the folder where you ripped your movie, and click OK . (In my example, it is J:\TRANSFORMERS\VIDEO_TS\.)

Nero will bring up a box which reads “analyzing video.” Let Nero do its thing. It should only take a few minutes.

Once Nero finishes, it will bring you back to your Nero Recode 2 window, but the movie you are backing up will now be there.

In the lower right, check the box Fit to target, and choose DVD-5 (4.7GB).

Nero will now adjust the video quality sliders so it fits onto a blank DVD. If not, you might have to disable menus or extras.

Once you get the movie to fit, click Next.

Nero Recode 2 will now let you choose to do either of the following:

1. Burn the movie to a blank DVD

2. Create the movie files for later burning


3. If you have Nero Image drive installed, you can create an Image of the movie for later burning [This requires saving the image to a drive that has NTFS not FAT32 (2GB files size limit with FAT32)]

Once you make your choice, click the Burn button

Finally, the burning dialog window will appear.

You can adjust the priority of the encoding by clicking the More button and changing the priority option. The higher the priority, the more processing power Nero will use to encode. So a higher priority will encode it faster, but it will not let you really use your computer for anything else.

And “voila,” you have an easy, fast solution for backing up DVD movies.
For those bigger, harder to rip, I suggest trying the dvd2one recipe.

digital Chef: seamonkey420
“knowledge is power, spread the power”

Jimmy S
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