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Encoding DivX/mpg Movies for Playback on Pocket PC Device

This tutorial explains how to use VirtualDub to encode DivX or AVI files for playback on a pocket PC device.

You need the following in order to utilize these instructions:
a pocket PC device, a pocket MVP (music video player, formerly known as pocket DivX), VirtualDub 1.4.9 or higher, DivX 5.0 Codec installed (, and an MP3 codec installed (i.e., lame, nimocodec set)

This tech-recipe assumes the following:
1 You have an MPG or AVI file of the movie/video you want to encode.
2 You have DivX 5.0 or higher codec installed.
3 You have VirtualDub installed.
4 You have an MP3 codec installed.

Step 1
Open VirtualDub, and then open your movie file (AVI, MPG or DivX AVI). First, go to Video under the menu and click Full Processing Mode.

Step 2
Once you have your video file opened, we need to re-encode the video and audio with a lower bitrate to make it playback smoothly on a PDA.

First, go to the Video Filters. We will want to resize and rotate our video so it plays in landscape mode on your pda. Click the Add button, then choose the Resize filter. We want our image to be 320×240 or for slower PDAs 208×160 (Depending on the aspect ratio, just look at the preview to see if it looks ok or not.). Also, we want to add a rotate filter, rotate (left 90 degrees). Then click OK.

Step 3
Next, go to the menu, Video > Framerate and change the settings to the following:
Source rate adjustment : No Change (current 29.970 fps)
Frame rate decimation : Process every other frame (decimate by 2)
Inverse telecine (3:2 pulldown removal) : None (progressive)

Step 4
Go to Video > Color Depth and change the settings as follows:
Decompression format : 16-bit (HiColor/32K)
Output format to compressor/display : 24-bit (Truecolor/16M)

Step 5
Next, go to the menu, Video > Compression. Select the DIVX 5.0.2 codec and click the Configure button.

On the DivX codec, change Variable bitrate mode to 1-pass and encoding bitrate to 300 kbps (You can tweak this to your device, but for now let us use this number.).

Leave the rest of the settings as is except MAKE SURE that the Psychovisual Enhancements are NOT CHECKED. Then click OK.

Step 6
Next, we need to edit the Audio settings. Go to the menu under Audio, and make sure that Full processing mode is checked.

Then go to Audio > Conversion, change Sampling Rate to: 22050Hz and leave the rest as is and click OK.

Go to Audio > Compression. You will need to have a MP3 codec installed. Once you do, use settings similar to this:
40kBit/s, 22,050 Hz. Stereo 5kb/s

Remember that we changed the sampling rate to 22,050Hz so we need to use a bitrate that uses the same one. Then click OK.

Step 7
Now, go to File > Save as Avi and save your new movie/video. Let VirtualDub finish. Then copy the program over to your PDA and play it with Pocket MVP. Finally, tweak the DivX bitrates and audio bitrates so it runs smoothly on your pda.

Jimmy S
Jimmy S
Jimmy Selix is an early adopter that loves to be one of the first on the block to have the latest and greatest in technology and gadgets. Another love of his is being able to share his knowledge to others seeking it. Feel free to drop any comments or questions that you may have.


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