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Vista Build 5308: Disable Permission Passwords

Stop Windows Vista from constantly asking for your permission to run every .exe and .dll

You will need Administrator Privilages to apply this edit.
Being warned by Vista about many operations is a nice feature, but if your computer is secure in your home for instance, you don’t really need to type in the admin password EVERY time you want to do something. This hack simply displays a dialog asking if you want to do the change or not. No password required.

A simple registry hack:
open the start menu (even though it doesn’t say start) and search regedit
double click the program which appears.

now navigate to the path:HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\System

You will need to change 2 keys!
key name:ConsentPromptBehaviorAdmin
double click and (if it isn’t already) change it’s value to 2.

key name:ConsentPromptBehaviorUser
double click and change it’s value to 2

*Note you will have to logoff and back on before this takes effect.



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