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XP: Prevent Modifications to Your Desktop

You can modify the permissions of your users to keep them from putting folders and other files on the desktop. This tutorial will guide you through all the necessary steps.

To stop changes from being made your desktop, use the following instructions:

1. Navigate your computer to C:\Documents and Settings\.
2. Then select the user you wish to modify.
3. Now, right-click the Desktop folder, and select Properties.
3. Switch to the Security tab.
4. Under Users, select the user for whom you want to change permissions.
5. At the bottom, a list of permissions will be displayed. To stop changes to folders and the desktop, select the Deny box beside the following: Full control, Modify, Write, and Special Permissions.

The others are needed to allow this user to launch and view the files of the specific folder. If you wish to remove these properties as well, then choose Deny for all the options.

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