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Office 2010: How to Save Documents Directly to Your SkyDrive Account

An easy way to make your documents available from other computers or to even share with other users, is to save your document to your Windows Live SkyDrive account. Office 2010 allows you to save Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents directly to your SkyDrive account instead of having to upload it later.

1. With the desired document opened in either Word 2010, Excel 2010, or PowerPoint 2010, go to the Ribbon and select File.

2. Select Share.

3. Under the Share options, select Save to SkyDrive.

4. Click the Sign In button.

5. Input your Windows Live ID credentials and click the OK button.

6. Select the desired folder, or click the New Folder button to create an additional folder for your document.

7. Click the Save As button.

8. After the application contacts the server, the Save As dialog window will appear. Select the desired format and click the Save button. The document will be uploaded to the server.

Rob Rogers
Rob Rogers
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