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How to Write Gmail Filters

You depend on your email for your social life and work, so it is quite annoying when someone sends you junk mail. Your phone beeps that you have mail, but the message is nothing important that you need to read. Fortunately, you can deal with junk email messages when you use Gmail with filters. Here is now to create filters for Gmail to stop those irritating messages that clutter your inbox.

Note: You cannot write filters on Android or iPad apps for Gmail.  You need to log in to the website to write them there.

There are two distinct goals for using filters for email:
1. You can delete mail from someone such as a recruiter from whom you do not want to hear, especially those who say ridiculous things like “urgent” or “hot opportunity.”  You also may want to delete mail from companies that you have dealt with one time, yet they insist on writing you frequently and do not make it easy to unsubscribe with one click.

2. You can also mark items as read. This is useful in situations when you have signed up for a group such as LinkedIn or have subscribed to short stories at Wattpad.  You do not want to delete these items, but you do not want to be bothered by them either.  The way to do that is mark them as read.

Write the Filter

1.The first step is to open up one of those annoying email messages.  You can filter them different ways.  The most common way is by sender or by specific words in the message.  To eliminate recruiter spam, we could delete any message that says both “current” and “opening.”  Click the drop-down arrow on the right to enter the filter.


filter gmail


2.Select Filter messages like this.

filter gmail

3.Enter a filter. Do not forget to erase the sender’s name unless you only want the words that you filter to apply just to this sender.

filter gmail


4.Now, tell it what to do with email messages that match the filter. Mark as Read or Delete it is probably what you want. You can also apply the filter to other messages in your inbox that match this condition to remove the clutter there.

filter gmail

Walker Rowe
Walker Rowe
Walker Rowe writes a blog about living in rural Chile called 'The Avocado Republic.'


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