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How Do I to Run SNES Games on a Windows System?

The SNES is a 16-bit video game console which was very popular in 1990s. Playing those Super Nintendo Entertainment System classic games is still really fun! This tutorial will get you started playing those games on your Windows computer.

Previously, we have covered a post about how to run DOS games on your Windows system.

To run SNES games, you need to download the SNES emulator first.

Many Super Nintendo ROMs are available from various sites on the net. Some of these ROMs may not be legal to download so check your local laws before getting started.

1. ZSNES does not require you to install it. After you have downloaded the zip file, extract it to somewhere (we choose desktop), and you can use it right away.

2. Go to that zsnesw151 folder, create a new folder inside it (we named it games). We will use it to store and manage SNES roms. In fact, you can store your roms anywhere in your hard drive. You may find it difficult to manage games so creating a game folder inside ZSNES’s default folder is a good idea.

3. Right-click on your zipped roms (you can use your compression program if files are in extension like .rar or .7z), choose Extract All… choose your destinaton location (it should be the games folder we created from step 2) and click on Extract.

4. Lauch zsnesw.exe from zsnes151 folder.

5. Click on LOAD and choose GAMES folder from the DIRECTORY column.

6. Choose your game and click on LOAD.

7. Enjoy the game 🙂


If you have no idea how to control the game, press ESC while playing, go to Config->Input and change the control to the way you like.

To save game, go to GAME->SAVE STATE.

To load last saved game, go to GAME->OPEN STATE.

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Lê Hoàng
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