Netflix Movie Player: Use Keyboard Shortcuts When Viewing Watch Instantly Videos

   Posted September 10, 2010 by David Kirk in Entertainment

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The Silverlight player for Netflix has a few handy keyboard shortcuts that can make your viewing of Watch Instantly videos a little easier and quicker. You can also access the diagnostics menu, check A/V stats, and manually set the streaming rate.

F : To enable Full Screen Mode
Esc : To exit Full Screen Mode
PgUp : Play
PgDn : Pause
Space or Enter : Toggle between Play and Pause
Ctrl+Space : Pauses movie and shows and enters Key Frame Viewer; use arrow keys to fast forward or rewind.

To use the following shortcuts, you must exit Full Screen Mode:

Ctrl+Shift+Alt+M (Ctrl+Shift+Option+M for Mac) : Access the Diagnostics Menu

Ctrl+Shift+Alt+D (Ctrl+Shift+Option+D for Mac) : A/V stats

Ctrl+Shift+Alt+P (Ctrl+Shift+Option+P for Mac) : Player info

Ctrl+Shift+Alt+S (Ctrl+Shift+Option+S for Mac) : Stream Manger (Stream bit rate; Manual rate selection)

Note: To close any of the above windows, simply repeat the keyboard shortcut.


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