Pages for iPad: Use the Ruler for Easily Formatting Text and Paragraphs

Posted April 24, 2010 by Rob Rogers in Apple Mac

Instead of hunting around for the desired formatting option, you can use Pages’ ruler buttons to easily change paragraph styles and add bold, italics, or an underline to your text. You can also align text, insert tabs, line breaks, column breaks and page breaks from the ruler.

By default, the Pages’ ruler is hidden. To reveal the ruler, tap the ruler edge, located beneath the toolbar. The ruler will then be fully visible.

The first button is for applying paragraph style. Select the desired text and tap the button. A list of available styles will appear. Select the desired style that you want applied to the selected text.

The next three buttons are for applying Bold, Italics, and/or an Underline. Simply select the desired text and tap the appropriate button(s).

Next we can apply left, center, right or justify alignment to selected text by using these four buttons:

Finally, by pressing the Tab button, you can add a Tab, Line Break, Column Break or Page Break to you document. Select the desired location on the document, press the Tab button and select the desired option.

To hide the ruler, simple tap the X at the right side of the ruler.


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