iPad: Update Items (and their order) Included in Search Results to Only Include the Desired Sources

Posted April 5, 2010 by Rob Rogers in Apple Mac

The iPad includes Contacts, Mail, Music, Applications, Podcasts, Video, Audiobooks, Notes, and Calendar in its list of items included in the search results when you use the search functionality of the device. You can customize the list to only include the desired sources and also the order that appear in the result set.

1. Select Settings.

2. In the left column, select General.

3. In the right column, select Home.

4. Tap Search Results.

5. The list of searchable items will appear.

6. Uncheck the items that you do not want included in the result set.

7. To change the order of the items, perform a tap, hold and drag using the associated icon to the right of the search item. Drag the item to the desired place and release. Repeat for the other items.


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