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Posted May 17, 2007 by Rob Rogers in Linux

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Being a Windows user, the KDE desktop is much more appealing than the Gnome interface. You don’t have to reload your computer with Kubuntu to get the KDE desktop, just follow these steps instead:

1. Click Applications, mouseover Accessories and select Terminal.

2. Copy and past the following into the Terminal window:sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop

3. Input your password.

4. Press the Y key on your keyboard and then Enter when asked for confirmation.

5. The download and installation of the KDE desktop will then begin.

6. When prompted to select the login manager, select kdm.

7. Once the installation has completed, restart your computer.

8. At the login screen, click the icon to the left of the textboxes, mouseover Session Type and select KDE.

9. Logon to your computer and enjoy the KDE desktop.


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