Techrx Flash Web Gadget Test #1

   Posted July 4, 2006 by David Kirk in Internet

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At Tech-Recipes, we are slowly starting to develop some flash-based applications. This is our first test of one of our flash applications. This code allows you to place a scrolling list of an author’s tutorials into any webpage.

This is our first test. Please leave comments and suggestions.

The code below will display my tech-recipes. If you would like to display your tutorials, just change the two instances of user=davak to your username. For example, MickeyMouse would change the user=davak to user=MickeyMouse in the code before posting it.

So copy and edit the code below to contain your personal tech-recipes. Then feel free to paste it onto your personal webpage and blog.

The goal is for users eventually to be able to heavily customize this.

Leave comments or suggestions in the forum.


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