Create Web App Shortcuts on Your Desktop With Chrome

Posted February 18, 2011 by Chris Luongo in Browsers

Using Google Chrome you can create Web App shortcuts on your Windows desktop, start menu, or pinned to your taskbar. This is helpful for open services such as Gmail or Twitter directly from your desktop.

It’s so simple to do you will wonder why you never did it!

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1) Open Google Chrome and visit the website where you want to create an App shortcut. Services such as Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Twitter, even specific blogs are great to create shortcuts for. I am using Twitter in this example.

Twitter Homepage

2) Click the Wrench icon in the top right corner of Chrome

Wrench Tool Chrome

3) Navigate to Tools > Create Application Shortcuts…

Create Application Shortcuts...

4) Once you have selected Create Application Shortcuts… you have three options to choose from for the shortcuts. You simple check off the button next to which shortcuts you want.

Application Shortcut Chrome

5) Since I checked off Desktop and Pin To Taskbar, my shortcuts will appear in those two places.

Twitter Desktop Shortcut

Twitter Taskbar Shortcut

6) You have done it! Once you launch your App it will appear in a window like this

Twitter App Shortcut Window


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