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Safari: How Do I Hide the Bookmarks Bar?

If you have been reading tech-recipes for a while, you know how valuable I consider my screen real estate. I want my browsers running lean and clean. I just realized how easy it was to remove the annoying Safari Bookmarks Bar that just hangs out under the Address Bar. This will work on Windows or Mac systems.

Do people actually even use bookmarks anymore? Maybe so, but I certainly do not need a whole extra toolbar of my bookmarks just cluttering up things.

I’ve tested this in both Safari for Windows and Safari on OS X.

Here’s what the bookmark toolbar looks like:

example of safari's bookmarks toolbar

To get rid of it, do the following:

1. Click the View Menu
2. Click Hide Bookmarks Bar

click hide bookmarks bar in the menu

Are you kidding me? It’s that simple. Geesh!

safari shown without the bookmarks toolbar

David Kirk
David Kirk
David Kirk is one of the original founders of tech-recipes and is currently serving as editor-in-chief. Not only has he been crafting tutorials for over ten years, but in his other life he also enjoys taking care of critically ill patients as an ICU physician.


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