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What You Need to Know Before Placing Your Bets On Sabong Sites in the Philippines!

Online Sabong Betting and the Top Sabong Sportsbooks in the Philippines

Sabong, a traditional and cultural spectacle in the Philippines, has been taken to new heights in the digital age. The rise of Online Sabong betting sites has made it easier for enthusiasts to wager on their favorite feathered gladiators. While the allure of this age-old sport and the convenience of online platforms may seem enticing, there are crucial factors you should consider before placing your bets on Sabong sites in the Philippines.

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The Growing Popularity of Sabong Betting

Sabong, also known as cockfighting, is deeply rooted in Philippine culture and history. This traditional sport involves two roosters pitted against each other in a thrilling and often intense battle, with spectators cheering for their favorites. It has long been a popular pastime in the country, attracting both enthusiasts and gamblers.

With the advent of online sabong platforms, the popularity of this age-old sport has reached new heights. Gamblers and Sabong enthusiasts can now place bets from the comfort of their homes, using smartphones or computers. It’s a convenient way to enjoy the spectacle and potentially win some money.

Top Sabong Sportsbooks in the Philippines

Before you start placing your bets on Sabong sites, it’s essential to choose a reliable and reputable platform. Here are some top Sabong sportsbooks in the Philippines to consider:

  • Melbet: Melbet is a well-known online sportsbook that offers a wide range of betting options, including Sabong. They have a user-friendly interface and a reputation for fairness and transparency.
  • 22Bet: 22Bet is another popular platform for sports betting, including Sabong. It’s known for its competitive odds and a broad selection of events to wager on.
  • 1xBet: 1xBet is a global sportsbook that covers a vast array of sports, and Sabong is no exception. They offer a user-friendly interface and a variety of payment methods.
  • 20Bet: This platform offers an excellent selection of Sabong events to bet on. They also provide their customers with enticing perks and promotions.
  • BK8: BK8 is a well-established online betting site in the Philippines, offering a comprehensive range of sports betting options, including Sabong.
  • GGBet: GGBet is known for its focus on esports, but it also caters to Sabong enthusiasts. They provide a user-friendly platform and competitive odds.
  • Megapari: Megapari offers a variety of sports and Sabong events for betting. They have a user-friendly website and a reputation for providing a safe and secure betting environment.
  • Betwinner: Betwinner is a comprehensive sportsbook that includes Sabong in its offerings. They have a user-friendly interface and numerous betting options.

Important Considerations Before Placing Your Bets

While the convenience of online Sabong betting is undeniable, there are important factors to consider, in order to make informed decisions when choosing a Sabong Betting Platform in the Philippines. 

1. Legal Regulations and Local Laws

Before you start betting on Sabong online, you must be aware of the legal regulations in your region. Sabong’s legal status can vary from one area to another. In the Philippines, for instance, Sabong is considered legal and regulated by the Games and Amusements Board (GAB). However, some local governments may have their own rules and restrictions, so it’s important to stay informed about the specific laws in your area.

2. Platform Reputation and Licensing

The reputation of the online Sabong platform you choose is of utmost importance. Ensure that the platform is licensed and regulated by the appropriate authorities. Check for reviews and user experiences to gauge its reliability and trustworthiness. Reputable sportsbook platforms should be transparent about their operations and financial transactions.

3. Security and Fairness

Safety and fairness are paramount in online gambling. Confirm that the Sabong site employs secure encryption methods to protect your personal and financial data. Look for platforms that have implemented Random Number Generators (RNGs) to ensure that the outcomes of Sabong matches are fair and not manipulated.

4. Banking Options

Consider the availability of various payment methods on the Sabong platform. Reputable sites typically offer a variety of options, including credit and debit cards, bank transfers, e-wallets, and even cryptocurrency. Be sure to choose a platform that supports the payment methods you are comfortable with.

5. Odds and Markets

Compare the odds and the diversity of Sabong events available on different platforms. Some Sabong betting sites may offer better odds and a broader range of betting markets. The odds can significantly impact your potential winnings, so shop around for the best options.

6. Bonuses and Promotions

Many Sabong betting sites offer bonuses and promotions to attract new users and retain existing ones. They could be cashback deals, free bets, or deposit bonuses. Take advantage of these bonuses but be sure to read and understand the terms and conditions attached to them.

7. Customer Support

Reliable customer support is essential for a smooth betting experience. Check if the platform provides responsive customer support through various channels like live chat, email, or phone. This is essential in the event that you run into problems or have inquiries concerning your bets.

8. Responsible Gambling

Responsible gambling is a fundamental principle that all bettors should follow. Set clear limits on the amount of money and time you’re willing to invest in Sabong betting. Avoid trying to make up lost money, and if you think your gambling is becoming a problem, get support from groups that focus on responsible gambling.

Best Online Sabong Sportsbooks for Filipino Players

E-Sabong betting, an emerging trend, brings Sabong enthusiasts the convenience of wagering online and includes features such as live streaming and in-play betting. To engage in E-Sabong responsibly, be sure to use reputable platforms and adhere to local gambling regulations. To make an informed decision, here’s a detailed look at the top Sabong sportsbooks available.

Melbet – The All-In-One Sabong Betting Experience

Melbet is a comprehensive Sabong betting platform that caters to Filipino players. It offers a user-friendly interface, competitive odds, and a wide selection of Sabong events, making it a versatile choice for all levels of bettors.

What We Like:

  • Melbet’s website and mobile app are easy to navigate, ensuring a smooth betting experience for both new and experienced users.
  • The platform provides competitive odds, allowing players to potentially maximize their winnings.
  • Melbet covers a broad range of Sabong events, ensuring there’s always something exciting to bet on.
  • Melbet has built a solid reputation for being a trustworthy and transparent platform, reassuring users of a fair betting environment.

What We Don’t Like:

  • While Melbet offers Sabong for Filipino players, it may have limited localized content or promotions.

22Bet – Where Sabong Excitement Meets Competitive Odds

22Bet is known for its competitive odds and a broad selection of Sabong events. It provides an intuitive user interface and supports multiple payment options, making it a favorable choice for those who want to maximize their Sabong winnings.

What We Like:

  • 22Bet is known for offering some of the most competitive odds in the industry, giving Filipino players the opportunity to maximize their potential winnings.
  • The platform offers a diverse range of Sabong events, ensuring that bettors can find events that suit their preferences.
  • 22Bet’s website is user-friendly and easy to navigate, making it accessible for all users.
  • The platform supports various payment methods, allowing users to manage their accounts conveniently.

What We Don’t Like:

  • 22Bet may not offer as much localized content or promotions specifically tailored to Filipino players.

1xBet – Your Global Sabong Betting Destination

1xBet is a global Sabong betting platform that appeals to Filipino players looking for an international experience. It offers a wide array of sports and betting markets with a user-friendly interface.

What We Like:

  • 1xBet allows Filipino players to explore the global world of Sabong betting, providing a vast selection of sports and betting options to choose from.
  • The platform offers a wide variety of sports and betting markets, ensuring there’s something for everyone.
  • 1xBet’s website is designed for easy navigation, even for those new to online betting.
  • 1xBet supports numerous payment methods, making it convenient for Filipino players to manage their accounts.

What We Don’t Like:

  • The extensive range of options and markets can be overwhelming for newcomers to online betting.

20Bet – A Comprehensive Hub for Sabong Enthusiasts

20Bet positions itself as a comprehensive hub for Sabong enthusiasts in the Philippines. It offers an extensive selection of Sabong events, competitive odds, and attractive bonuses.

What We Like:

  • 20Bet covers a wide range of Sabong events, ensuring bettors have ample options.
  • The platform offers competitive odds, allowing players to potentially increase their winnings.
  • 20Bet’s website is designed to be user-friendly and easy to navigate.
  • 20Bet provides enticing bonuses and promotions for players to enjoy.

What We Don’t Like:

  • 20Bet may not offer as much localized content or promotions tailored specifically to Filipino players.

BK8 – Elevating Sabong Betting to New Heights

BK8 is a well-established online betting site in the Philippines, dedicated to enhancing the Sabong betting experience. It offers various betting options, competitive odds, and a strong focus on security. 

What We Like:

  • BK8 is a well-recognized platform among Filipino players, offering a sense of trust and reliability.
  • The platform provides competitive odds, giving players the potential to maximize their winnings.
  • BK8 prioritizes the security of its users, ensuring a safe and fair betting environment.

What We Don’t Like:

  • BK8 may not offer as much diversity in sports compared to some other platforms.

GGBet – Sabong Betting and Esports Excellence

GGBet specializes in Sabong betting and esports, making it a hub for both gamers and Sabong enthusiasts. It is known for competitive odds and a user-friendly interface.

What We Like:

  • GGBet caters to both Sabong and esports enthusiasts, offering a unique combination of gaming experiences.
  • The platform provides competitive odds, giving players the potential to maximize their winnings.
  • GGBet’s website is designed for easy navigation, making it accessible to users of all levels.

What We Don’t Like:

  • GGBet primarily focuses on Sabong and esports, which may limit sports diversity for some players.

Megapari – Your Megapari for Thrilling Sabong Action

Megapari offers a wide selection of Sabong events with competitive odds. It also includes casino games and generous bonuses, enhancing the overall entertainment value for players.

What We Like:

  • Megapari provides a wide selection of Sabong events, ensuring there are plenty of options for bettors.
  • The platform offers competitive odds, potentially increasing players’ winnings.
  • Megapari offers a diverse gaming experience, including casino games and generous bonuses.

What We Don’t Like:

  • Some users may find the layout of Megapari’s website to be complex or overwhelming.

Betwinner – Winner’s Choice for Sabong Betting Fun

Betwinner positions itself as the winner’s choice for Sabong betting fun. It offers a broad range of Sabong events and betting markets with attractive bonuses and promotions.

What We Like:

  • Betwinner covers a wide variety of Sabong events, ensuring there’s something for every bettor.
  • The platform provides enticing promotions and bonuses, enhancing the overall betting experience.
  • Betwinner’s website is designed to be user-friendly, making it accessible to all users.

What We Don’t Like:

Betwinner may not offer as much localized content or promotions tailored specifically to Filipino players.

Sabong Online Betting Tips and Strategies

Sabong online betting can be both exciting and profitable, but it’s essential to approach it with a well-thought-out strategy. Here are some tips and strategies to help you make more informed and successful Sabong bets:

Understand the Game

Familiarizing yourself with the rules and nuances of Sabong is fundamental. This includes understanding how the matches are organized, the roles of trainers and handlers, and the scoring system. Knowing the terminology used in Sabong is also beneficial.

Research the Roosters

When researching the roosters, you should delve into their history, lineage, and physical condition. Knowing the breed and the rooster’s past performances can help you gauge its potential in a match.

Study the Odds

Comparing odds from different Sabong betting platforms is crucial for finding the most favorable ones. Look for platforms that consistently offer competitive odds to maximize potential payouts.

Bankroll Management

Setting a betting budget is an essential part of responsible gambling. Determine an amount you can comfortably afford to wager without impacting your finances negatively. To prevent chasing losses, stick to this spending plan.

Different Bet Types

Sabong offers various bet types, such as “W” for the winning rooster, “L” for the losing rooster, and “D” for a draw. Understanding the differences between these bet types and knowing when to use each one is vital for strategic betting.

Bet on the Trainer

In Sabong, the trainer plays a significant role in preparing the rooster for a match. It’s important to consider the reputation and track record of the rooster’s trainer. Experienced and successful trainers may have strategies that increase a rooster’s chances of winning.

Live Betting

Some Sabong betting platforms offer live betting options, allowing you to place bets as the match unfolds. Live betting can be an excellent opportunity to adjust your bets based on the real-time performance of the roosters.

Stay Informed

Staying informed about Sabong news, match updates, and industry developments is key to making informed bets. Follow Sabong forums, news websites, and social media channels to keep up with the latest information. Additionally, it’s crucial to maintain emotional control while betting, avoiding impulsive decisions driven by excitement or frustration.

By applying these strategies and tips, you can enhance your Sabong betting experience and make more informed, calculated decisions, increasing your chances of success in this unique form of online gambling.

Most Popular Sabong Markets for Online Betting

When it comes to Sabong online betting, several popular markets offer different options for bettors to explore. Here are the most common Sabong markets for online betting:

Betting on the Llamado (Meron) – The Favorite

This is one of the most popular Sabong betting markets. The “Llamado” refers to the favored or stronger rooster in a match. When you bet on the Llamado, you’re predicting that the favored rooster (Meron) will win the fight. Betting on the favorite typically offers lower odds and lower potential payouts because it’s considered the safer choice.

Betting on the Dejado (Wala) – The Underdog

Betting on the Dejado, or the underdog (Wala), is another common Sabong betting market. Here, you’re wagering that the less-favored rooster will win the match. Betting on the underdog can result in higher odds and potentially larger payouts if the underdog rooster manages to pull off an upset victory. It’s a riskier bet but can be rewarding if successful.

Draw – Both Dead

Sabong matches can sometimes end in a draw where both roosters are declared dead. In this market, you’re betting that the fight will result in a draw, meaning neither rooster emerges as the winner. Draws can be challenging to predict, and the odds for this outcome are typically higher due to its rarity. Betting on a draw can be a lucrative choice if it occurs.

Draw – Full-Time

Similar to the “Draw – Both Dead” market, the “Draw – Full-Time” market allows you to bet on a draw, but with the condition that the fight will last the entire duration of the match without a clear winner. This is a less common outcome, but when it happens, it can result in higher odds and potentially significant payouts.

These Sabong betting markets cater to different preferences and risk appetites. Betting on the favorite (Llamado) is a safer option with lower potential returns while betting on the underdog (Dejado) carries more risk but offers higher odds. Draw markets are rarer but can be attractive due to their higher odds and potentially rewarding payouts.

When making Sabong bets, it’s important to analyze the roosters, trainers, and other factors that can influence the match’s outcome. Understanding the odds and having a well-thought-out strategy can help you make more informed decisions in these popular Sabong markets.

Main Betting Terms to know when wagering on Sabong

When wagering on Sabong, it’s essential to understand the main betting terms to make informed bets and navigate the betting process effectively. Here are some key betting terms to keep in mind:

Main Sabong Terms

  • W (Meron): This term refers to the favored rooster or the one expected to win the match. Betting on “W” means you are wagering on the rooster marked as the favorite.
  • L (Wala): “L” is the term for the underdog rooster, the one not favored to win. Betting on “L” means you are wagering on the underdog rooster to pull off an upset victory.
  • D (Sablay): “D” stands for draw, indicating that the match will end without a clear winner. This outcome is relatively rare in Sabong matches, and betting on a draw can offer higher odds.
  • Cockfight Line: The cockfight line represents the odds for a specific bet, such as “W,” “L,” or “D.” It shows the potential payout based on the amount you wager. Understanding the odds is crucial for assessing the potential profitability of your bets.
  • Luzon Derby: The Luzon Derby is a popular and prestigious cockfighting event held in the Philippines. Many Sabong bettors focus on Luzon Derby matches due to their high stakes and intense competition.

Other Relevant Terms

  • Sabungero: This term refers to a person involved in cockfighting, often used to describe trainers, handlers, or enthusiasts who are knowledgeable about Sabong.
  • Cockpit: A cockpit is the arena where Sabong matches take place. It’s a controlled environment designed for cockfighting events.
  • Wager: A wager is the amount of money or stakes you place on a specific outcome in a Sabong match. It can be a bet on “W,” “L,” or “D.”
  • Stake: The stake is the total amount of money you are willing to risk or bet on a Sabong match. It’s essential to set a budget for your stakes to ensure responsible gambling.
  • Payout: The payout is the amount you receive if your bet is successful. It includes both your initial stake and the profit you make from the winning bet.
  • Pit Manager: The pit manager is responsible for overseeing the organization of the Sabong event and ensuring that the matches run smoothly and fairly.
  • Conditioning: Conditioning refers to the training and preparation of the roosters before a match. A well-conditioned rooster is more likely to perform effectively during the fight.
  • In-Play Betting: In-play betting, also known as live betting, allows you to place bets on Sabong matches as they unfold in real time. It provides the opportunity to adjust your bets based on the progress of the match.

Understanding these Sabong betting terms will help you make more informed and strategic bets, whether you’re wagering on the favorite (W), the underdog (L), or the possibility of a draw (D). It’s important to grasp the odds, stake responsibly, and stay knowledgeable about the Sabong events you’re betting on.

The Most Popular Sabong Tournaments to Wagger On

Sabong enthusiasts often look forward to various prestigious tournaments to wager on, showcasing some of the most competitive and high-stakes cockfighting events in the Philippines. Here are the most popular Sabong tournaments that attract avid bettors:

World Slasher Cup

The World Slasher Cup is arguably the most prestigious and internationally renowned cockfighting event in the Philippines. Held multiple times a year, this tournament features top-quality roosters and skilled trainers from around the world. It is known for its high-stakes matches and large cash prizes, making it a favorite among Sabong enthusiasts and bettors.

Cockfighting World Cup

The Cockfighting World Cup is another prominent international event that brings together top-tier roosters and trainers from various countries. The tournament’s format and rules closely resemble that of the World Slasher Cup, providing a thrilling and competitive atmosphere. It’s an excellent choice for bettors looking for international Sabong action.

Master Breeders Cup

The Master Breeders Cup is a prestigious Sabong tournament that highlights the importance of breeding quality roosters. It is not only a platform for competitive cockfighting but also a showcase of the best-bred roosters from skilled breeders. This event emphasizes the genetic excellence of the participating roosters.

World Pitmasters Cup

The World Pitmasters Cup is another highly popular and competitive Sabong tournament. It features roosters from various breeders and trainers, each vying for the championship. The World Pitmasters Cup is known for its intense and closely-fought matches.

Luzon Derby

The Luzon Derby is a highly anticipated annual event in the Sabong calendar. This tournament features roosters from Luzon, one of the Philippines’ major islands, competing against each other. Due to the fierce competition and regional pride, Luzon Derby matches draw significant attention from both participants and bettors. The tournament offers substantial payouts, making it an attractive betting opportunity.

These Sabong tournaments attract attention from both enthusiasts and bettors due to the high-quality roosters, skilled trainers, and substantial cash prizes on the line. They offer an opportunity for bettors to wager on some of the most competitive and thrilling cockfighting matches in the Philippines and beyond. However, it’s important to participate in Sabong betting responsibly and within the bounds of local regulations.


In conclusion, Sabong, or cockfighting, is a rich and deeply ingrained tradition in the Philippines, and with the advent of online Sabong betting, enthusiasts and bettors have a convenient way to engage with this cultural spectacle.  

It’s crucial for both new and experienced bettors to approach Sabong betting with responsibility, understanding the game, researching roosters, studying odds, practicing bankroll management, and exploring various bet types. With the right strategies and knowledge, Sabong betting can provide excitement and potential profits while respecting the cultural significance of this traditional sport.



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