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Sony PSP: Creating Custom Homebrew/Emulator Icons/Backgrounds (Hacked eboot.pbp)

The following Tech-Recipes tutorial explains how to create custom eboot.pbp files for version 1.50 Sony PSPs. Are you tired of the KXploit icons and backgrounds? Let’s get started!

Note: The information provided in this tutorial was taken from my site: http://seamonkey420.tech-recipes.com/psp/eboot.html.

Overview: This guide will explain how to create custom eboot.pbp files using your own or the original emulator/homebrew graphics. These will replace the KXploit graphics.
This will ONLY work on Sony PSPs with firmware verison 1.50. It will not work with 1.51 or 1.52.

Required Programs:

-KXploit version 1.50
-PBP Unpacker
-Photo/paint editor for making custom graphics (e.g., Photoshop)

Step 1. Install the above two programs.

Step 2. Download the homebrew/emulator you want to run on your PSP.

Step 3. Depending on the author, the emulator might be KXploit ready. These are created with two folders, a % folder and normal folder (i.e., SNES9X\ and SNES9X%\).

If you only see one folder, then you will need to run the homebrew/emulator through KXploit to make it compatible with version 1.50. Numerous guides and information are available on the Internet that explain how you can do this.

Step 4. Now that we have our homebrew/emulator KXploit ready, let us quickly set up a folder structure to make the process easier.

Create a HOMEBREW folder (i.e., C:\HOMEBREW).

Then create a new folder for each homebrew/emulator such as C:\HOMEBREW\UO_SNES9X\, C:\HOMEBREW\PSPGENESIS\, etc.

Under each emulator/homebrew folder, create three folders: ORIG, LOADER, EBOOT.

Step 5. Extracting files from the eboot.pbp with PBP Unpacker

Now that the folder system is set up, open up the eboot.pbp in the % folder from Step 3.

To open PBP Unpacker, click the Open button.

Once it opens, click the EXTRACT button, and extract it to the LOADER folder we created (C:\HOMEBREW\UO_SNES9X\LOADER\).

As you see from the steps above, we will have three files extracted. (These are the basic files we need for an eboot.pbp file.)

-param.sfo (loader file)
-icon0.png (icon, 144 x 80 px, 32-bit PNG file)
-pic1.png (background, 480 x 272 px, 32-bit PNG file)

Next, open up the original eboot.pbp file (the one we opened with KXPloit), and extract those files to the ORIG folder. (C:\HOMEBRW\UO_SNES9X\ORIG\)

Again, we will see a few more files here. We will be only doing the basics.

*Step 6. Creating our own custom icon0.png and pic1.png (*optional)

Make your own graphics, but remember the size and file-type information I provided above. You must be sure that you create them to fit those dimensions.

Step 7. Creating the custom eboot.pbp file w/PBP Unpacker

Open up PBP Unpacker again. Click the New button. A new screen should come up.

We will focus on the items in yellow, green and teal.

YELLOW: Use the PARAM.SFO we extracted to the LOADER Folder. (C:\HOMEBREW\UO_SNES9X\LOADER)

GREEN: Use the icon0.png we created/modified/extracted to the ORIG Folder. (C:\HOMEBREW\UO_SNES9X\ORIG)

TEAL: Use the pic1.png we created/modified/extracted to the ORIG Folder. (C:\HOMEBREW\UO_SNES9X\ORIG)

Then save our new eboot.pbp file to the EBOOT folder. (C:\HOMEBREW\UO_SNES9X\EBOOT)

Step 8. Copying the files over to your PSP

Now, copy the new eboot.pbp file into the emulator/homebrew folder with the % (F:\PSP\GAME\UO_SNES9X%\) from Step 3. Then move both the folders to your PSP. (Remember that if you have to run the KXploit on the homebrew/emulator, be sure to copy the files that came with it such as NESTERJ. This also includes a famicon.dat, menu.bmp. Put that in the NESTERJ folder, NOT the NESTERJ%.)

If you ever want to update the emulator, all you need to do is run the KXPloit on the homebrew/emulator. Then copy the custom eboot.pbp we created to the % folder

Jimmy S
Jimmy Shttp://blogs.tech-recipes.com/jimmyselix
Jimmy Selix is an early adopter that loves to be one of the first on the block to have the latest and greatest in technology and gadgets. Another love of his is being able to share his knowledge to others seeking it. Feel free to drop any comments or questions that you may have.


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