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Joost: Customize My Channels

Joost offers a number of various channels for viewing different television programs. By adding channels from the Channel Catalog, removing unwanted channels from your listing and changing the order of My Channels to better meet your needs, you can enhance your viewing experience.

1. Fire up Joost

2. Go to the left portion of the screen and click My Channels (If the My Channels icon isn’t showing, click inside the Joost window and it will appear). This will bring up your current listing of channels.

3. Using the up and down arrows on the right of the screen, scroll through the list to an unwanted channel.

4. Move your cursor over the channel number of the unwanted channel and until the cursor changes to a hand.

5. To remove channels –Drag the unwanted channel to the left, off of the list to remove the channel from your listing. Repeat this for all channels you wish to remove from your listing.

6. To add channels –Go to the bottom of the window and click Channel Catalog. This will bring up a listing of all available channels. Select from one of the categories or genres on the left. Select a channel you wish to add to your list by clicking the right-pointing arrow for that channel. This will bring up a list of featured programs for that channel plus a button to preview the channel. If you wish to add it to your My Channels, click the Add Channel button. Once the channel has been added, you can click Play Channel to start watching the newly added channel or click the arrow in the upper-left corner to go back to the Channel Catalog to select more channels.

7. After you have finished removing the unwanted channels and adding some new ones, you will need to place them in a more meaningful order. Click My Channels at the bottom of the window. Move the cursor over the channel number of a channel that is to be moved until the cursor turns into a hand. Click and drag the channel to the position on the list that you want it placed. Repeat this for all channels you wish to move.

Rob Rogers
Rob Rogers
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