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Spore: Tips for Using the Creature Creator

One of the really fun aspects of Spore is the functionality to create new creatures. The Creature Creator is pretty easy to use, however it can be frustrating when you have a creation in mind and you just can’t replicate it on the screen. Here are some tips on how to manipulate the parts so that you can better create the creature of your dreams.

1. You can easily increase or decrease the length of the body parts of your creature by using the onscreen arrows, did you know you can fatten or slim various regions within the body part? To accomplish this, mouse over a part or spinal segment and use your mousewheel to modify the scale of that section. If you don’t have a mousewheel, simply select the part or spinal segment you wish to scale and use the up and down arrow keys on your keyboard.

2. Press and hold the Alt key (for Mac, press and hold the Option key) while left-clicking and dragging a body part to make a copy of it.

3. Attach limb parts to other limb parts by pressing and holding the Ctrl key while left-clicking and dragging a limb to attach to another limb.

4. Select a part and then press and hold the Tab key to see any additional rotation points.

5. Left click the spine on the torso part and drag to modify the shape of the spine.

Rob Rogers
Rob Rogers
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