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Spore: How to Access the Cell Creator without Being in Play Mode

Spore allows you to access the Creature, Building, Vehicle, and Spaceship Creators from the Create mode, but the option to use the Cell Creator is not included. If you want to use the Cell Creator, but don’t want to be in Play mode to do it, follow these steps:

1. Make a copy of the SporeApp shortcut on your desktop.

2. Rename the copied shortcut to something like Spore Cell Creator.

3. Right-click the shortcut and select Properties.

4. On the Shortcut tab, go to the Target textbox.

5. Go to the end of the text in the textbox and after the quotes, add a space and then input -state:CellEditor. (Make sure to put this after the quotes. Do not place the command line switch within the quotes or it will not work).

6. Click the OK button.

Use the new shortcut to access the Cell Creator.

You can navigate back to any of the other modes or Creators normally from the Cell Creator screen.

Rob Rogers
Rob Rogers
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