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PSP – Wipeout hack / browser made easy w/moops

Well, PSP hackers by the name of roto/mozy published the first guide to exploiting the Wipeout Pure’s browser back one. However since then, the process has been simplified by a xbox hacker named Moops, he created a tiny DNS Server/Spoofer, the perfect thing to get your own portal working! This guide is my take on how I setup my PSP and my own personal web server/moops dns server/spoofer. (original created on 4/18/05)

Required programs/items:

-Sony PSP (v1.50 firmware)
-Wipeout Pure video game
-Wireless/Wifi network
-MooPS DNS Server/Spoofer

Step 1. Download and Install MooPS Mini DNS Server. This will let you run a mini DNS Server to spoof your PSP and the wipeout browser.

Step 2. Configure MooPS for your network.

First, when you open up MooPS, go to Options > Server Settings. An options screen will popup like so (see below).

Here’s what you need to configure (use the colors in the pic for reference).

Yellow: This is the computer’s IP Address that MooPS is running on. If you want to just setup a local network portal type page, you would want to change the IP Address: (Any) to the IP Address of hosting the portal (but most of you will just want to leave it set to (Any).

Red: This is the IP of your router/hub. Usually, (mine is actually or do a google on your router type to find it out.

Green: Hostname: name of the computer you have Moops on (in My Computer > Properties > Computer Name. IP Address: IP of the PC running Moops and in turn the webserver. Port: 80 is the default http port, its not configurable at the moment it seems. Root Directory: Location of the folder where webpages are, default is set to Moops PSP Folder at (C:\Program Files\MooPS\ROOT) , i changed mine to be a subweb of my webserver i already run.

Step 3. Setting up the PSP network settings to use MooPS and allow for your own custom portal.

Once you get your info in, click OK and now onto setting up your Wireless Connection on your PSP. This is step-by-step, with screenshots.

Go to Network Settings:

Then choose Infrastructure Mode.

Now, create a -New Connection-

Name your connection here. I have two seperate wifii connections setup, one specifically for the wipout browser. Then arrow right.

Next, you can either scan for your wifi network’s SSID or you can enter it in manually, also if you use any encryption such as WEP to choose that. Then arrow right

Enter in your WEP Key if your wireless network uses it. Then arrow right.

Next, set the Address Settings to Custom.

Just use Automatic for IP Address Setting.

Next, choose Manual for your DNS Setting. This is where MooPS comes into play!

Now on this screen, we need to setup the Primary DNS to be the address of the computer that is running MooPS (the same IP as the Redirect IP Address: in MooPS)

Then setup your Secondary DNS to be your ISP’s/networks DNS address. This way you can still browse real website with the browser and not ALL requests are handled directly by MooPS. Then arrow right again. Here’s a link to a site that shows you how to check your DNS server settings

Next, is the proxy server, if you don’t use one or know what it is, just use Do Not Use.

Now, finally the confirmation screen, just arrow right after you verify it.

And FINALLY, just click X to save your connection, it will then do a test connection.

Step 4. Reaping the rewards.

If you want to just see it up and running for the first time, just use the default webserver Root Directory Moops. Start up MooPS on your PC.

Load up Wipeout Pure on your PSP. Go into the Downloads section. Then connect to your network using the custom profile we setup above. Once you connect, you should be brought to a super basic webpage by Moops on your PSP. Click the google link by highlighting it and pushing X. Text input is done via the default keyboard.

On your PC, you’ll see something like this in MooPS.



Making your own portal
Now to really enjoy this and make it useful. I would suggest to create your own custom page with links to mobile versions of your fave websites and forums. Just be sure to have the main page named: index.html in the Default Webserver Root Directory in MooPS.

For example, you can use’s palm version for easier viewing:

Tons/most websites have more text, less graphic driven versions of their sites for cellphone users and palm/ppc users. Make links to these on your portal for quick info in a better format/faster load time.


So I hoped that help you get your PSP online. Props always go out to roto/mozy for the original guide and MooPS for his awesome mini dns server.. you guys rule!

This recipe was added for archival purposes and no longer is applicable since latest firmwares have builtin browser!

Jimmy S
Jimmy S
Jimmy Selix is an early adopter that loves to be one of the first on the block to have the latest and greatest in technology and gadgets. Another love of his is being able to share his knowledge to others seeking it. Feel free to drop any comments or questions that you may have.


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