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Fallout 3: Essential Cheats

I loved playing Fallout 3. It was one of my favorite games for years and still is a great game to play. However, sometimes it is great just to have a ton of fun and not play the game as it was built. Yes, you need the ever-awesome cheats! Cheats normally make games super easy, thus ruining the fun. However, by just using some item and perk codes, you can still have the same fun without completely boring yourself.

The first thing to do when starting a new game is to wait until you are escaping the vault before adding cheats. Skills and perks will continue to take effect, but items are lost during the transitions in chapters. Thus, you may just want to wait and do everything at once. Once you reach the vault escape, after talking to Amata, start this process. Press the tilde to open the command line, and then begin entering your codes.

Start by editing your stats. If you want to max out everything, it takes a great deal of time. Therefore, just maxing out your SPECIAL stats first is often easier. To do this, start by typing the following:

modpca (attribute) (desired level)

This code allows you to change your individual SPECIAL levels. Just type the attribute name (Strength, Perception, Endurance, Charisma, Intelligence, Agility, Luck) and pick a level (1-10). These change various things such as the amount of weight you can carry, the amount of health you have, and the likelihood of your getting a critical hit.

For instance, if you wanted to increase all your abilities, you would type the following line:

player.setav (ability) (desired level)

You can change ability levels up to 100, allowing your character to reap the benefits of maximum power.
Another helpful cheat is to add perks. For perks and items, however, a specific code is required and you can reference these codes here.

Perks can be added by typing the following:

Player.addperk [perk code]

Every perk has a good benefit, so adding more gives you more benefits. However, it can also take away from the game if you add too many. The best perks to get are Grim Reaper Spirit (kills in VATS regenerate Action Points), Mysterious Stranger (occasionally a stranger with a revolver can appear and shoot enemies while in VATS), and Infiltrator (broken locks can be picked again).

Action points are nice to have if you enjoy shooting while using the VATS system:

Player.setav action points (number)

Setting the number higher gives you more time with VATS, but the more you have, the longer the recharge (hence why Grim Reaper’s Spirit is a nice perk to have).

The last thing I would recommend is getting several mandatory items. I would advise against getting weapons or ammo, as that makes finding the rare ones less fun. Instead, just get several items that you need to survive in the wasteland.

Player.additem (item code) (number of items) (condition)

Adding items can ruin the game, however, so only use it sparingly. I have found the best way to do this is only spawn Stimpaks, RadAway, and bobby pins. Spawning a million bobby pins makes it fun to try and raid everything, and RadAway and Stimpaks save you from the random annoyances of falling or radiation poisoning.



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