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Battlefield Hardline: All Evidence in Episode 3: Gator Bait

In Episode 3, Nick and Khai continue their journey to look for more information for the current case. Help them find all the evidence they need using this tutorial.

The first two pieces of evidence can be found when you enter the scene below.

3-16-2015 11-57-35 PM

Exploded Drug Bale and Toxic Barrel

After taking down all three hostiles, use your scanner to analyze the evidence on the ground. On the right side, there is another piece of evidence.

3-16-2015 11-59-11 PM

The next pieces of evidence can be obtained in any order. Almost all of the locations marked on the map have at least one piece of evidence. Use the screenshots below to identify your location.

Assuming you drive the airboat straight, you will see the dock in the screenshot. This dock does not have anything, so turn right.

3-17-2015 12-02-11 AM

Kilo of Cocaine

After one or two minutes, you will see a tower like so. Use the grappling hook to climb up, and collect the evidence on the table.

3-17-2015 12-04-33 AM 3-17-2015 12-06-32 AM

Chemical Barrel

From the previous location where you get the kilo of cocaine, drive left. You will find another small dock with a barrel near the water. That is the next piece of evidence.

3-17-2015 12-08-54 AM

The next two pieces of evidence are in the gator farm. You will see the following screen when you arrive at the dock.

3-17-2015 12-13-52 AM

Dead Gator

After taking down all the hostiles, find the dead gator in the area.

3-17-2015 12-19-09 AM

Torture Traces 

From the location of the dead gator, head to the left. You will find a pair of boots on the floor. Use your scanner to analyze it.

3-17-2015 12-20-04 AM 3-17-2015 12-20-31 AM

On your way to the next objective, you will eventually come across an area with two towers.

3-17-2015 12-25-14 AM

Regional Zoning Map

Use the grappling hook to get to the higher tower, and then use the zip line to get to the other one. This part can be a bit tricky because if you do not attach the zip line to a proper place, you will fall before you reach the tower. Just make sure that there is room for the character to get in to the tower.

3-17-2015 12-34-08 AM

When you reach the saw mill, climb to a higher place and use your scanner to scan for items in the area. That should save you a lot time.

3-17-2015 12-36-24 AM

Stained Fan Boat

The first evidence you will see is the stained fan boat. You can analyze it from a distance.


3-17-2015 12-37-41 AM

Water Sampling Equipment

The next evidence can be found easily if you open the scanner at the location of the fan boat and look at the left side.

3-17-2015 12-41-55 AM

Note Pinned with Switchblade

The note is on the opposite side of the Water Sampling Equipment. It is pinned on a log.

3-17-2015 12-42-45 AM

Manila Envelope

After you see the BlackBerry, use the scanner to look for the envelope on the working desk.

3-17-2015 12-44-09 AM

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