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Dreamweaver 8: Insert Flash Buttons

A Flash button is a quick Flash movie that acts like a rollover image. You can build Flash buttons in Dreamweaver without any other tools, to do this . . .

1. In Design view, click the area in the document where you wish to place the button.

2. Click Insert from the menu bar.

3. Mouseover Media and select Flash Button from the flyout.

4. The Insert Flash Button dialog box will appear.

5. Use the Style box to select the look for your button, you can see an example of it appear in the Sample box.

6. Use the Button text textbox to input a label that will appear on the button’s face.

7. Select the font type and size for your label.

8. Click the Browse button and navigate to the page you wish to create a link to.

9. You can specify the Target for the page by using the corresponding dropdown.

10. Use the Bg color fields to select the background color for the button so that it matches the background color on your page. You can either type in the the color or use the eyedropper to sample any color on the page, it will input the code for the color automatically.

11. Input a filename for your new button in the Save as textbox. It is important to keep the file in the same directory as the page that it will be used on.

12. Click the Apply button to see the button on the document page. Make sure the label you used fits properly on the button, if not change the label or reduce the font size.

13. When the button meets your needs, click OK.

14. Input the Flash Accessibility Attributes for your new file.

15. Click OK.

The button will be added to your page.

Rob Rogers
Rob Rogers
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