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How to Turn Off Comments on your Facebook Post (Latest Update)

Who hasn’t been harassed by keyboard warriors on Facebook? Who hasn’t felt that people flagrantly abuse their social media rights? All of us. And it’s time this stops. Not only should public comments be prevented on open Facebook posts, but also on ones that have restricted privacy. Your Facebook friends can sometimes be as ridiculous and verbally harmful as online strangers. This is why in this article, we will teach you how to turn off your comments on your Facebook post so that you have full control over your Facebook privacy.

Turning off comments on your Facebook Posts

1. Open facebook.com in your browser. In this tutorial, we’re using chrome.

2. Click the down arrow (↓) at the top-right of your Fb homepage.turn off fb comments on post step 1

3. Scroll down and choose Settings.step 2

4. There’s a side-menu on your left on the next page. Tap the Public Posts tab, here.

5. Tap the Public Post Comments option.

6. Select Friends from the drop-down menu.Unfortunately, as a Facebook user, you can only limit the comments on your FB posts to your friends.

However, if you’re a page owner, you can deactivate comments for everyone. Here’s how:

Deactivating Comments on the Post of a Facebook Page

1. Go to your Facebook page.

2. Click the three vertical dots on the post you want comments deactivated.

3. Select Turn Off commenting from the drop-down menu.

Turning Facebook Comments back on

To permit commenting again, simply click turn on commenting from the same drop-down menu.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I turn off Facebook comments in Facebook’s 2020 update?

Facebook undergoes rapid changes. Several settings are shuffled around. Sometimes, you can’t help but lose track of certain navigation. However, in this Tech-Recipe, we have made sure that the instructions are consistent with Facebook’s latest update. So, you don’t have to worry about being misguided by outdated instructions.

 How do I disable comments on my Facebook Pictures?

Unfortunately, Facebook privacy controls on photo albums and individual images are pretty abysmal. Currently, there’s no way you can deactivate public or private comments on them. However, what you can do is set their privacy to “only me”, and restrict everyone from viewing and commenting. I know this isn’t a perfect solution, but it still saves you from the wildly condescending comments that often destroy stunning photos.

Can I stop people from liking my Facebook Posts?

Here, again Facebook lags miserably behind its counterparts. You still have no option to stop certain users from reacting a “haha” to a post that’s meant to be dead-straight serious. You can, however, change the privacy of your posts to restrict its reach to a controlled viewership, but that’s about it.

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