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How Do I Block or Unblock Someone from Calling or Sending Messages to My iPhone or iPad?

Receiving repetitive messages or calls from strangers on your phone can be frustrating. If this has become a frequent annoyance to you, consider blocking those spamming numbers. The steps provided in this tutorial will show you how to do it on an iPhone or iPad, without any third-party software.

How to Block a Contact:

1. Go to the Home screen, open the Messages app, and choose the conversation started by the contact whom you want to ignore.

iOS messages

2. Inside the conversation, tap the Details text at the top right of the screen to access information about the chosen contact.

iOS contact details

3. In the Details screen, you will see a small information icon next to the email address. Tap on this icon for more advanced options.

iOS access contact details

4. Next, scroll down to the bottom of the options list, and choose Block this Caller. When you tap the option, you will see a confirmation message. Tap Block Contact to continue. If it completes without any errors, the blocked address will not be able to send messages or calls to you anymore.

iOS block a number

iOS block contact

How to Unblock a Contact:

If you block a contact inadvertently and the message thread of that person is still available in the app, just follow the steps above. Then tap the Unblock this Caller option, and you are done.

If the message thread of the caller you want to unblock is gone and you do not remember the person’s address, here is how to unblock him or her:

1. Go to the Settings app, and then choose Messages.


iOS messages settings

2. Inside the Messages setting screen, choose the Blocked option.

iOS access blocked contact list

3. Here, you can see the contacts that you have blocked in the past. To remove any contacts from the black list, choose Edit, tap the corresponding minus button for the contact, and then choose Unblock.

iOS remove contact from block list

4. Once the contacts are removed from the list, you can communicate with them as usual.

Lê Hoàng
Lê Hoàng
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