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Posted December 15, 2006 by

How to (more) safely run debugs on Cisco routers

Running debug commands can bring a busy router to a crawl. Not sending the output to the console can help. This tech-recipe describes turning off console debugging output and techniques for viewing debug information in a router-friendly way.

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Posted November 17, 2006 by

Updates for IP Telephony (Cisco CallManager, CallManager Express)

A couple of new commands to make life easier with IP Telephony using Cisco CallManager and CallManager Express.

Posted November 17, 2006 by

Cisco Switch: 802.1q Trunk to Router (a.k.a. Router-on-a-Stick)

You can connect a Cisco switch and router via 802.1q trunking. This configuration is known as a router-on-a-stick.

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Posted November 6, 2006 by

Optimize Cisco CallManager by Using IP address, not Servername

In system>server, the default name for each server is its hostname. These names will be passed along to the phones, requiring a DNS lookup before a phone can contact CallManager.

Posted November 3, 2006 by

Configuring DHCP to work with Cisco Manager

This Tech-Recipe describes using an external DHCP server, in this case from a Windows Server 2000 or 2003 system, with Cisco Call Manager (CCM). When introducing CCM into environments with an exsiting DHCP infrastructure, problems may occur because Cisco IP phones require additional information from the DHCP server when they startup. Following the steps in […]

Posted October 11, 2006 by

Cisco: Making Long Commands Short with Aliases

The following tech-recipe explains configuring aliases for frequently used commands.

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Posted August 12, 2006 by

Disable or Turn Off CDP on Cisco Switches

Cisco Discover Protocol or CDP is a Cisco-proprietary protocol that runs on all Cisco products. CDP allows devices to learn about neighboring devices (the ones attached directly to the switch) including information about their platform, IP address, the version of IOS or other OS, VLAN membership, etc. This can be helpful information when troubleshooting network […]

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Posted July 28, 2006 by

Cisco 2950 Switch: Create a VLAN

The commands for creating a VLAN vary from one switch model to another. VLANs in a 2950 switch are configured in a manner similar to configuring an interface. This configuration is substantially different than a 2900 switch.

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Posted July 28, 2006 by

Cisco 2900 Switch: Create a VLAN

A VLAN (Virtual Local Area Network) makes a single physical switch behave like several separate switches. A host connected to one VLAN cannot communicate through the switch to a host connected to another (although a router can permit communication between VLANs, if desired). Here is how to configure a new VLAN on a 2900 switch.

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Posted July 28, 2006 by

Cisco Switch 2900/2950: Display VLAN Information

Knowing the commands to display configuration information about Virtual LANs (VLANs) is as important as knowing the commands to configure them. The commands here display information about all VLANs or a single VLAN by number or name.

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