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How to Fix a Slow iPhone

Fix a Slow iPhone

Is your old iPhone running slower than before? Do you notice longer app loading times, slower processing speed, and slugger gaming performance? Your device needs your attention, and this article can help you fix a slow iPhone

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How to Manage iCloud Storage on iPhone

How to Manage iCloud Storage on iPhone

The iCloud Storage is a great way to store your iPhone’s data. Aside from the cloud storage, you can access your data on all Apple devices. Using your Apple ID, log in to the iCloud website and gain access to saved photos, videos or any files on your iCloud drive. This article will discuss how […]

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How to Share Live Location in Whatsapp | iPhone and Android

Whatsapp Share Live Location for iPhone and Android

You can now share live location in Whatsapp using your iPhone or Android devices. Aside from the usual location sharing, Whatsapp now allows users to share their current location live. Unlike the usual location sharing feature, Live Location updates your contacts on any changes in your current location. This feature can be used to monitor […]

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How to Add or Remove Emergency Contacts on iPhone

Add and Remove Contacts on iPhone

iPhone has a feature that let users add emergency contacts on their devices. These emergency contacts will appear as part of your Medical ID – a feature that can be activated to show details even your phone is locked – so emergency responders can contact your emergency contacts in emergency cases. Your emergency contacts will […]

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Edit Screenshots on iPhone iOS 11 Using Instant Markup

Quickly Edit iPhone Screenshot

Apple’s iOS 11 has packed a whole lot of new features. One of the noticeable features of iOS 11 is the Instant Markup. Instant Markup allows users to quickly edit screenshots on iPhone iOS 11 right after taking them. This article will guide you how to save and share an edited screenshot on your Apple […]

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How to Record iPhone Screen

How to Record iPhone Screen

Screen recording on the iPhone used to be a tricky one. One needs to have a jailbroken device or has to do complicated procedures just to get a recording of the iPhone’s screen. With the introduction of iOS 11, iPhone now allows screen recording on the device without any third-party application. This article will discuss […]

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How to Turn On iPhone Wi-Fi

how to turn on iPhone Wi-Fi

To be able to connect to the internet without mobile data, you need to turn on iPhone Wi-Fi. Turning on an iPhone’s Wi-Fi automatically connects you to available networks that you have already connected to before. There are two methods to activate your iPhone Wi-Fi. Both approaches will be discussed in this article.

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How to Sign In With Your Apple ID on iPhone

How to Sign in to iPhone

The Apple ID is your ticket to all the services being offered by iPhone. Some people use the terms iCloud account, Facetime account, Apple account, and other similar terms. All of these accounts refer to the Apple ID. If you sign in with your Apple ID on iPhone, you get to enjoy all of Apple’s […]

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How to Adjust the Music Equalizer (EQ) on iPhone

Adjust Music Equalizer EQ on iPhone

iPhone has a feature that allows for the adjustment of music settings to give the best music playback experience to users. You can adjust the music equalizer (EQ) on iPhone to complement the type of music that you are playing

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iPhone Hack: Simple Trick to Play Louder Music on iPhone

iPhone Trick - Play Louder Music on iPhone

There is a neat hack that can pump up your iPhone’s volume without using any external speakers. If you feel that the maximum volume level on your iPhone is not enough, then this easy step-by-step procedure will guide you on how to play louder music on iPhone. It’s easy. Trust us. iPhone has a feature […]

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How to Recover Your Apple ID Password

How Do I Reset and Recover Apple ID Password

Your Apple ID is your key to unlocking all of Apple’s services. Your iPhone would be nothing but an expensive multimedia device and phone without an Apple ID. One issue with Apple IDs is that you rarely use them. Once you set your phone up with your Apple ID, it may be a few months […]

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How to Delete All Photos on iPhone

How to Delete All Photos on iPhone

One of iPhone’s primary functions is that it serves as a handy camera. For the average user who owns an iPhone and a digital camera, there is a good chance that the iPhone has more photos than the camera. As much as you love the photos on your iPhone, the time will come when you […]

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