Gameloft: Mega Tower Assault Cheats and Hacks

   Posted October 28, 2010 by Lê Hoàng in Games

Mega Tower Assault is a famous tower defense game from Gameloft. With this mobile game is very hard to finish a level even when playing in normal mode. This tech-recipe shows you how to cheat the game to add more lives and how to unlock all levels of the game.

Note: May only work on Nokia phones.

Launch Mega Tower Assault.

To add more lives:

1. Choose Start Game.

2. Choose the map you want to play and hit Play.

3. When the game begins, tap the star quickly and repeatedly (about 5 or 6 times).

4. It will bring up four windows like below, you don’t need to change anything, just hit OK.

5. After that, you will notice some extra lives have been added.

6. You can add as many lives as you want.

To unlock all levels:

There is no quick way to unlock all levels at once. You have to finish some levels to unlock the rest. Here is the rule:

-There are four maps. Finish level 1 of map 1 to unlock level 1 of the rest.

-Finish level 1 of three maps to unlock level 2 of map 1. Then, finish level 2 of map 1 to unlock level 2 of the rest.

So here is how to finish a level quickly:

1. Follow from step 1 to 3 from the guide above.

2. When the four windows appear, tap on Win and it will turn ON. After that, hit OK.

3. The game will end immediately.

4. Back to map menu, you will see some next levels have been unlocked.


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  • Karloclerigo619

    This cheat doesn’t work on my phone. . . .

    • Anonymous

      What version are you using? Please tap the area and repeat the action as fast as you can 🙂

      • Filipe_domingos

        This Cheat dosen’t work on my phone to, my phone is a sony ericson c510a, mabe another cheat work ? do you know another cheat ?

        • Anonymous

          Is that a touch phone? 🙂

        • Anonymous

          because i said “tap the area” so it can’t work on a phone with keypad
          (unless your phone has a touch screen).

          Maybe there is a hack for normal phone but since i don’t own one, i’m
          not aware of that 🙁

  • Lady Killah

    I’m Vietnamese so in mission 2 tap the area where?

    • Anonymous

      Bạn dùng tay ấn thật nhanh vài lần vào biểu tượng ngôi sao nhé 😉

  • Hg2g 2010

    doesnt work on blackberry storm 2.. 

    • Anonymous

      Sorry to know that 🙁

      This was tested on a Nokia phone. There must be differences in the scripts between the two versions for the two phone.

      • klyde

        > amazing it work…. 🙂

  • Dahneyela

    worked! Thanks 🙂

  • alexa

    wow i did it..^^  my phone is samsung touch screen..its true^^ thanks i didnt sleep to finish hard but now its very easy bcoz of this cheats thanks^^

  • jhay

    is there a cheat on money?

  • Lê Hoàng

    @jhay: There is a money cheat option in the picture

  • vazel

    how we make so fast??

  • http://yahoo Lagan xL

    I like mega tower assault but some level are very hard to win. I had try many trick and tec as can but cannot bring any changes in this effort,so i come with a plan to win the game with cheat and today i found what i want. All Thank to Tech-recipes.

  • ваыва

    * Press in the main menu 287833.

    * While in game type this codes:

    1379 = mission winning.
    7997 = add money.
    3113 = unknown.

    * 13#9show fps, 13#6 Show the use of memory.
    They work?

  • Zambwe nasilele

    It dd work thanks

  • Jojon

    I have russian version and i dont understand russian language. Can you give me english version or maybe can i change into english?
    i use nokia n8