XBOX 360 Slim: How to configure an Apple Airport Extreme Base to connect to a 360 at 802.11N speeds

   Posted October 8, 2010 by Jimmy Selix in Games, Mac networking

This recipe will explain how to setup your Airport Extreme Base (AEB, 802.11n compatible) to allow your XBOX 360 Slim to connect wireless to it and get N speeds (up to 70Mbps).

The new Microsoft XBOX 360 Slim is much like the PS3 Slim, a revision on the launch console model. The new 360 offers several revisions including built-in WiFi with 802.11b/g/n support, N being the fastest at the moment.

I initially had problems getting my new Apple Airport Extreme Base and 360 Slim to connect and get the 802.11N speeds, it would only connect at the G speeds or not at all. Having 802.11N speeds really helps when your streaming HDTV from your Windows 7 Media Center PC (which I am). Here is what fixed this.

1. Open your AirPort Utility

2. Double-click on your Airport Extreme Base (AEB)

3. Click on the Wireless Tab

4. Name your network / SSID if you haven’t already.

Set Radio Mode: Automatic

Radio Channel Selection: Automatic

Wireless Security: WPA/WPA2 Personal recommended but can be any

5. Then hit the Wireless Network Options button.
For most these may be the only settings you need to change back, but for geeks like me who setup everything custom; i had to change a few more options in this area.

Main thing is to not use a different name for your 5 GHz Network Name. I had previously had this set to a different name than my normal 2.5Ghz network band (ie SSID: network, 5Ghz SSID: network5g) and my 360 Slim would never connect at the N speeds.

You can set the other options to your preference. Once done, click on OK.

6. Then back at the Wireless screen, click on Update to save changes to your AEB and reboot it.

7. On your 360, hit the XBOX Guide button, go to Settings > System Settings > Network Settings.

Click on Configure Network and go through the wizard. Hopefully once you connect to your wireless network / AEB, you will see the 802.11N speed listed.


Most people may not have this problem if they just left most of the advanced wireless options to automatic or alone (main thing again is the 5Ghz Network Name to be unchecked and in turn the same as the 2.5Ghz/normal wireless network!).  Gotta love how Apple makes it almost to easy at times.


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  • Senny Homes

    The Xbox 360 Slim is the latest offering from these gaming giants. I highly anticipated update on its predecessor and Microsoft’s updated design is the first thing you notice on the latest version of this iconic gaming system – the new Xbox 360 Slim has a stunning black gloss finishing looks.

    xbox 360 slim

  • JT

    I have my Xbox 360 Slim connected to my Airport Express 5th gen with the same settings as you but Windows Media Server is slow. It shows I am connected with N speed but seems I am only getting 1-2 Mb/s speeds. What did I do wrong?

    • Jimmy Selix

      hmm. what speed is the pc your connecting to from your xbox 360 speeds? is it a wired or wireless connection too? if its 802.11g, then your gonna be downclocked to the slower speed of the two (pc, xbox360). hope that helps! >

      • JT

        The PC running Windows Media Center is wired to the router. I’ve tried to plug directly into the airport as well. All my other devices are using 802.11N. I have nothing on my networking using 802.11g.

        • Buttmunch22

          > xbox slim wifi is one channel 20mhz bandwidth at 2.4ghz frequency it will only connect to the control channel you have set in your router. This is the internal one oem not the black usb N adapter. max wireless connection on the internal is 150Mbps which is 1.5MegaBytes per second. Most routers allow 20/40mhz channel bonding with an extension channel which allow 300Mbps speeds which is 3.0MegaBytes per second In any case you will never achieve theoretical speeds anyway. If your router has a QoS feature of some kind set the Xbox to a static IP and prioritize it. If you can control packet Priority ICMP, ACK, SYN should be priorities at least the first two. Also the WiFi card in the xbox is the size of two stamps and is located if looking straight on horizontal the back left corner behind some fan vents and metal casing you could open it and twist some foil to get better reception or rig something up the thing really only has a descent transfer distance of like 30′ in a modern home. if it keeps dropping just set ur 2.4ghz to 20mhz only use inSSIDER.exe to find the least congested channel or if your router is kinda of old just set it to G speeds 54mbps thats fast enough for like 720p which is all the xbox outputs anyway. the 1080p it produces is simulated using scaling it doesnt produce 1 to 1 pixel mapping. Fart. why do I even care? cuz im a nerd.

          • hugogorian

            I don’t know where did you get from that 150 Mbits are 1.5MegaBytes… 1 byte = 8 bits. so 150 Mbits/8 bits = 18.75 MegaBytes. But obviously it’s very hard to get theoretical speeds… just to clarify that dividing by 100 your connection in Mbits to get it in Mbytes is wrong.