iTunes 10: Turn Off or Disable Ping

   Posted November 19, 2010 by David Kirk in Music

With iTunes 10 Apple has introduced Ping, a music social network. However, many users do not want to use Ping at all. These directions show how to turn off the Ping service in iTunes. This article has been updated to include an additional way that can be used to turn it off.

Music is social. Thus, Apple has introduced Ping, a social network built around music, in the latest version of iTunes. However, a lot of people do not care about or want to participate in social networks. There are two methods for doing this.

First, you may turn it off through the Parental Controls in iTunes Preferences:

1. Open iTunes Preferences
2. Select Parental tab
3. Under Disable section click the checkbox for Ping
4. Click OK

Click checkbox besides Ping

Second, you may turn it off through your iTunes store account:

1. Open iTunes
2. Under Store select View My Account

Click Store then View My Account

3. If prompted, enter your log in information
4. About half way down the account information, you will find the option to disable the ping service.

turn ping off


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  • Vasva

    Thank you!

  • Sensei

    Follow this article to remove the drop downs too.

    • Mikepapadapoulos

      This works. easy copy and paste into Terminal

    • Jfhhdfahha

      how to on windows 7?

  • Jonathan

    My account information already says “ping off”, and yet when a song is playing the annoying ping button still shows up next to it.

    • Guest


      See comment above from Sensei to disable the ping button that appears beside a song title, even if ping is disabled. I just did it and it works perfectly.

  • Littletechnogirl

    Thank you so much for this! Ping was really slowing down my overall internet connectivity.

  • CPA Networks

    You can disable the Ping buttonand the iTunes store as follows

    Edit -Preferences- Parental control -Disable: iTunes Store

    • Anonymous

      Thanks! Information added.

  • Gift

    Thank you soooooo much

  • La Flecha

    did all that but every time i purchase music an annoying ping window pops up above. i want no ping whatsoever and it just haunts me in itunes constantly ­čÖé

    • mmctag

      Ping is driving me made why do the people at Apple think I need PING for, why on earth would my friends want to know what songs i buy?

      Seems like the most pointless ‘improvement’ to itunes ever!

      I have done everything on this post and still the box pops up!

  • Hummveeman

    I still get the damn ping popup whenever I buy a song. How do I stop that? The above suggestions did not help.

  • jj4music

    Thank you Thank you Thank you! Ping has been driving me insane for months!

  • Wwhamilton

    Thanks, I’ve been dying to get rid of Ping.

  • Badassmini


  • Anonymous

    You need to go deeper to get rid of the song suggestions within the store. View Account, set Ping to “off,” then look farther down that same page at “Recommendations and Ping Posting.” It probably says “On” next to it, and there’s a “Manage” button next to that. Hit it, and uncheck the box next to “Show me recommendations…” (it’s the only box on that page). Here’s hoping it works, anyway.

    • Llcjay1

      You’re awesome. Much appreciated.

    • Clairescavys

      Thank you cfein – that’s brilliant. Ping pop-ups were really annoying, despite me turning off the ping as per the above instructions.

    • Jimbe1969

      Thank you,┬áthank you,┬áthank you, thank you, thank you,┬áthank you,┬áthank you,┬áthank you,┬áthank you,┬áthank you,┬áthank you,┬áthank you,┬áthank you,┬áthank you,┬áthank you,┬áthank you,┬áthank you,┬áthank you,┬áthank you,┬áthank you…┬á┬á┬á

  • Cam W

    God bless you

  • MikeW

    Every time iTunes is updated it starts showing Ping again.

    So just now with the Ping screen showing AGAIN on iTunes 10.5 on Windows 7, I can see it is disabled in preferences, disabled under Parental Controls and disabled on my iTunes account. Which means that Apple doesn’t give a ^*&+(^*(&^(*&^toss about about my preferences.

    Same problem on my laptop

  • Teresa Kimbel

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! WORKED!!!