T-Mobile : How to get T-Zones Web unlimited data for $5.99 (works w/iPhone and Nexus one)

   Posted January 11, 2010 by Jimmy Selix in Internet

This recipe is not really so much a tech/hardware recipe but more of a social hack. I’ve had T-Mobile as my cellular provider for well over 4 years and have not moved off of them because of their much cheaper (but previously slower until as of recently) data plans. Lets get back that T-Zones $5.99 plan!

First some quick background on this recipe. Back before T-Mobile rolled out 3G, they offered quite a few VERY cheap data plans. They would often limit the open ports on these data plans so they were usually sold to owners of non-smartphones (ie Razr or some other candybar or flip-phone that tmobile offered). At the same time they offered smartphone/pda/blackberry and pc data cards a more expensive Total Internet package at around $19.99 (this plan had all ports opened and did not require a proxy server).

However in the last year and a half, they finally started rolling out full 3G services and at the same time they altered their pricing and data tiers. Add into the mix the fact that almost all carriers allow you to be grandfathered into a plan (basically, if you have it and they change plans; you keep it until you change your plan or buy a subsidized phone). T-Mobile basically could no longer block/limit port access by the nature of the web, amount of time/cost it would take to enforce it, possibility of upsetting longterm customers and the sky rocketing use of smartphones. So they had to open all ports up and allow users w/older data plans to still get data and also open ports up for the new Blackberry/WM Phones/Android. Thus leading us to this social hack.

First off, if your getting a Nexus or iPhone and a new T-Mobile customer, you will probably want to wait a month before trying. For those on T-Mobile already (long time customers should not have any problems, my co-worker called and asked for it and got it on the spot), it can be super easy or more of a challenge.


What your trying to do is to get the T-Zones Unlimited Web data plan ($5.99/mo). This plan is no longer advertised and most customer service reps will claim it no longer exists. I would recommend stating you have a Razr or another older non-smartphone tmobile offered at some point (nokia ones) and you want the cheapest data plan since your probably not really going to use it but would be nice just in case. think about what your going to say ahead of time to make it a smoother call ๐Ÿ™‚

Be nice! Remember these people are just doing their job. Again, tell them you have an older phone you want to get full data on and that you wanted to sign up for the T-Zones plan. You can try to escalate it to the terminations department (some people have said that they had better luck w/the terminations department but ymmv).

Small talk and treating the rep like a real, warm blooded person always helps. Remember, you catch more flies with honey than vinegar! Hopefully by the end of the call, you’ll have a your shiny cheap T-Zones data plan.

After getting the plan, you can basically move right into using a Google Nexus One. Again, remember you have to buy it unlocked via Google.com/phone or else you will lose your plan. The amount of money you save from having the T-Zones plan vs the $39.99 plan will net the cost of the Nexus One unlocked and save you over $500 in the 2nd year of ownership. Remember that!

Here is a list of APNs you can use for this plan:

–epc.tmobile.com (seems to work for most people)
–internet2.voicestream.com (used in total internet plan, alt if epc does not work)
–internet3.voicestream.com (used in total internet plan)
–wap.voicestream.com (very old one used w/original t-zone data plan)

Devices and Results:

The iPhone 3GS/3G/2G will work with this plan and verified working as of 1/11/2010. You only get EDGE since the 3G is the AT&T flavor not Tmobiles.

The Google Nexus One works flawlessly with this plan and uses the epc.tmobile.com APN. I get full 3G speeds and GPS access. Speed tests netted from 952kbps to 1440kbps depending on coverage.

All Blackberries will work with this plan however you will not get the Blackberry Internet Service or be able to connect to a work Blackberry Enterprise Server (BES). Google apps and email work fine and Blackbery App Center and PUSH weather service.

Dumb phones work just fine with this.

My Aircard (EDGE speed) did work with this plan. Not sure if it would work in a new 3G USB modem though. I may test later this year.

I would assume windows mobile phones would work but may need to have their APN changed accordingly.

Enjoy and good luck!


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  • Anonymous

    my 2g 2.2. stopped working on edge recently. I use t-zones (now the plan seems to have changed into T-mobile WEB) I tried all the APNs but it does not help. Any suggestions?

    • hmmm, when you go to the web browser on your iPhone does it bring to an upsell webpage of Tmobiles showing data plans? if so, i’d try the internet2.voicestream.com apn or have you tried that one too?



      • Anonymous

        I tried all these the below APNs with username/password as blanks

        It stopped working last week – I used to use epc.tmobile.com with guest/guest as username and password. Location is Philadelphia – but I noticed that it does not work when being in NYC.

        I tried my sim card on a samsung handset and t-zones seem working – opened yahoo wap page.

        Somewhere, I read it – one has to turn ihpone off and then on – not sure that it is critical. I just entered internet2.voicestream.com and then rebooted. Going to Safari – window pops uo “Cannot open Page – Safari cannot open the page because it is not connected to the Internet”

        • ahh! i think i know what you need to do.

          i had a similar issue w/a corp iPhone this week (we use a custom apn w/att).

          i think you need to reset your network settings and after you do that, re-enter in the epc.tmobile.com apn and hopefully be good to go! ๐Ÿ™‚

          ( go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings )

          let me know! peace

          • Anonymous

            oh – I AM SO HAPPY! resetting worked! epc.tmobile.com works just fine! Thank you so much for your help!

        • firmware 3.0 only wont work with older version

    • this only work for modem firmware 3.0, if you have 2.2 then u need a diff hack.

  • Raj

    Thank you very much for the info. I’ve been using tZone with my 2G iPhone for long time. I’m getting Nexus one now.

  • david

    as an alternative, i was able to set this up without customer service’s help. this was more than a year ago when I setup tzones to work on my treo 650. the trick was that i had an old phone sony ericcson t300 that i had purchased back in 2000 or 2001. I keep it around because if i have an emergency where my phone or my wife’s phone stops working i can transfer the sim card quickly to a working phone to make/receive a call. So here’s what i did:

    setup my sim card in the t300.
    make a call or send a text message; long enough to let the t-mobile servers detect that I have switched phones.
    log in to t-mobile.com
    verify that my phone is now detected as a t300. if not, click on the “not my phone” and change it.
    next, adjust service plans, t-zones appears on the list.
    add tzones to your billing cycle. make any additional changes you need to make.
    save the settings.
    change your sim card back to the original phone.
    setup the phone for t-zones service.

    • david

      keep in mind that on my t300 it was sold with t-zones as the preferred service (for $2.99 at the time). when trying to setup tzones on my treo i had remembered trying tzones but being unimpressed way back in the early 00s. you would have the same problem adding tzones service to a nexus one that you would have if you tried to add blackberry service to a sidekick. in the tmob computer system there is probably a lookup table listing which services are acceptable with which phones. if you temporararily switch to any phone where the tzones service was/is offered, you can add the service with no problem. once the service is setup, you’re gtg. skip the call to customer service if it’s a problem getting it added.

      • great tip!

        i actually did the same thing my 3rd time around getting tzones back.

        i had tzones back in my first color screen flip-phone, but then had to get the sidekick data plan when i got my color sidekick

        Of course i upgraded to Sony K790 phone and moved back to tzones since wasn’t the cost for what kind of data i’d get (did the web service plan change this time) and then I got a Tmobile MDA and in turn had to get a higher data plan, Total Internet $29 a month (subsidized cost of course!).

        Finally after being fed up w/the slow cpu and freezing of Windows Mobile, sold it and got my iPhone. I had to call them this time to get tzones.

        so there’s my tzones history ๐Ÿ˜›

        again, great alternative tip! you can get a cheap backup dumbphone to do this on ebay for $20 or ask a family member for their phone for a day too! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • rx-man

    does nexus one work on $10 web2go plan? if so, how do you set it up?

  • Ryan

    I just talked to T-mobile via chat and they told me the T-zones web is no longer able to be purchased. And it does not show up on my services after I switched to my old RAZR phone, putting the sim card in there.

  • azdn1

    Uggh, I had it working fine with t-zones & epc.tmobile.com for weeks, fresh out of the box when I bought the Nexus One. This morning I get a message in my browser that says ‘To connect to the Internet with the device you are using, you’ll need a webConnect data plan.’

    I tried all of these that you suggested, with no luck!


    Any ideas ? I would truly appreciate any advice.


    • Tristan

      Mine was turned off this morning as well, but wap.voicestream.com works at edge speed.

      • azdn1

        Interesting. After seeing your post I tried wap.voicestream.com again and this time it worked, even at 3G. Engadget reported some nationwide T-mobile issue that is affecting even those with full internet plan. The screenshot is exactly the same as what I have been seeing:


        • azdn1

          After I read that the outage was over, I went back to the default factory settings (epc.tmobile.com). It’s running fine again!

          • excellent! yup, i’ve been using my Nexus One from day one on tmobile w/tzones with full 3g connectivity!

  • Anonymous

    I’m travelling from Canada to NY at the end of february. Do you think this method would work on my unlocked iphone? do i need to buy a t-mobile SIM card?

    • yup, i’ve used an unlocked iPhone 3G on tmobile w/tzones for the last 2 years ๐Ÿ™‚

      yes, you need to have tmobile and also a data plan with them, getting the tzones being new may be a little harder though. never hurts to try

  • Name

    Let me get this straight, you pay $6 for internet and you get T-Mobile’s full 3G speed?
    Am I reading that correctly?

    I currently have the T-Zones subscription on my plan and was thinking of upgrading my phone and maybe switching plan too, but if I could just pop in my current SIM into a Nexus and get 3G speed, I would absolutely do that.

    Is it just that easy?

    • ๐Ÿ™‚ it is that easy. i bought an unlocked nexus one and popped in my sim and BAM! full 3G data. was using tzones for my iPhone 2G and 3G since 2008..

      just remember, once you lose tzones, its a pain to get back. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Anonymous

    I’ve been using the tzones $5.99 data plan on my iphone for quite some time and its been great. I was wondering if I were to switch to the unlocked nexus one will the data plan still work?

    • yup, should be a pop sim out and into nexus one, voila instant 3G data. tethering also works too ๐Ÿ™‚

      again, remember that once upgrade your phone w/Tmobile, they’ll try to take your tzones plan away and give you the more expensive $19.99 or 29.99 data plan

      • Anonymous

        Do I have to upgrade? I can still keep the tzones and it will still work on the nexus one?

        • nope, you can still keep Tzones without upgrading the data plan. ๐Ÿ™‚

          again, be sure to buy the unlocked nexus one ($530 version) since it won’t require you to change your data plan and money saved on data plan over a year will pay for the device itself ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Anonymous

    Is the tzone still working on your nexus one?
    Some users have reported tmo can detect which phone model you are using.
    Have you ever gotten the “Need an Android data plan” message?

    • DrCherryCoke

      If I had seen this page a while back I would’ve gotten the t-zones unlimited web. I have a dash and it shows up as a package for 5.99 but it doesn’t work. I tried online and it doesn’t show up. I haven’t called them yet but will they still try and give it to me? What if I show up at their store?

      • i have not gotten any upsell messages. i have had the same sim card since 2005 so not sure if that matters and also when i go to the website, my phone is the “not listed” one.

        my nexus one is getting full 3g data fine still. you may need to change the APN on your phone to get it to work if it was a tmobile branded device.

        prob in your network settings area. ๐Ÿ™‚

        you can change your phone not to be listed and it may work then. if you go to the image of yoru phone, click the Not My Phone button and then on the next popup, click at the bottom: I do not have a Tmobile Phone.


        • harpist89

          I have been with Tmobile for 8 years and have the $2.99 Tzones. They just told me that once I get rid of it it can never come back. I love tzones because it works anywhere. Recently I was on the Great Wall of China posting on FB and the ATT users with me had no internet. China blocked everything but couldn’t touch Tzones. What are my options for a phone with a sim? I can’t really afford a $500 phone right now and I really just want a phone that works as a phone, has a camera, and can use Tzones. I have an ipod touch for everything else.


          • Newjeruboo

            I have been w/tmobile for 8 yrs also and have the tzones for $2.99. I have the samsung behold and have been able to access any website with no problem until yesterday. I began getting the message “subscription upgrade required and something else about the device not working”. I called cust. svc and the rep sent some signal had me power off the phone and viola, it was working again. three hrs later same problem. Only this time, the rep kept telling me tzones isn’t made for web access like what i’d been using and that if i wanted to continue to have that access i needed to upgrade my package. With yet another rep i was told there were some updates to their system to make smartphones unable to acces the web w/o a higher pkg and i could change my phone to a non smartphone and still use tzones the way i had been. Three different stories in one day and don’t know which is true. Help please!!!

          • it may be due to the fact that you have a ‘branded’ phone (ie phone that tmobile has custom software and possible remote abilities with).

            i would def stick w/your plan and ignore what they are saying about upgrading your package. what company wants a customer to have a $3/mo unlimited data plan? exactly!

            if i was you, i’d go out and find me a new phone thats not a tmobile branded one or perhaps looking into debranding your phone to remove the tmobile software/bloat.


            that may solve the problem of it losing data; do you have any apn settings on the phone?

  • Anonymous

    ok guy i just got an iphone 3g and i unlocked and jailbroke it. im on tmobile and have no data whatsoever. now what do i do. do i just call and ask for 5.99 tzones. or what.

  • Anonymous

    I used RAZR and I bought unlocked N1 yesterday. I ordered unlimited web which is $10/mon for RAZR but it doesn’t work on my N1. Do I need to change the plan to t-zone? Do you have any suggestions? Thanks in advance!

  • mina

    I have the nexus 1 and i have been using it with the proxy internet2.voicestream.com and everything works perfectly except for mms any idea how to get it to work , please advise

    • Same here mina, MMS doesnโ€™t work on the Nexus One. If anyone can help get it working with internet2.voicestream.com that would be great!

      • jingoy

        MMSC should be:


        leave the rest to default. Try that see it works.

        • Sadly MMS just doesnโ€™t work – and those are the default settings that you posted for MMSC just now.

          • have you tried the epc.tmobile.com apn to see if that gives you full data and then mms?

    • cn

      Ohh boy…!!!!
      Couldn’t afford to buy a nexus one… so got mytouch 3g with 3.5mm jack on top (yes the latest one ;)). Looking at all these posts I thought mytouch will also work on the 5.99 internet… Well I couldn’t find the 5.99 plan but found the $10 unlimited web for phones plan… which I activated by going on my t-mobile website. I used the proxy that you suggested internet2.voicestream.com and voila…. ! It works! So far tested the edge speed and it works fine… ! I will still see if I can get the 5.99 tzones.. which I had with my dash phone. Anyways thanks thanks to all of you above for starting such a wonderful thread.

  • hi,

    Thanks for the great post.

    Quesiton: for BlackBerry people, what does not having Blackberry Internet Service mean in practical terms? No email? Or does everything work fine, but it’s not push email?

    • no push email via blackberry and also no BES abilities. however, Gmail app works just fine and also via builtin message applications.

      you get no corporate support on it, only via a cable sync.

      but all other data services work just fine and apps too.

  • Anonymous

    I had t-zones on my last phone. I unlocked and put the same SIM card in form my old phone to the my new IPhone 3g but can’t access the internet. how do I get it back. Can’t afford to pay that extra $10 a month for absolutely nothing since its still on my data plan

  • Kimo

    I just got an unlimited web for $10 this morning. I tried it on my Moto KRZR and was able to connect to the web. However when I switched back to my unlocked blackberry storm2, I can’t get the T-Zones to work. It’s giving me a message like “Subscription Upgrade Required.” I tried using all the APNs listed above but none seems to work. Please help out if I need to change my settings. Thank you. Appreciate it guys.

    • Kimo

      I finally got my BB Storm2 working on T-Mobile. However most of the RIM apps including facebook, yahoo messenger are not working. BB browser and Tmobile WAP browser are not working, either I got a message to upgrade my data plan or something like current data plan does not support. Anyway, most of the 3rd party apps are working. I downloaded Opera Mini as my browser. Let me know if you guys encounter this, or it’s just a thing for blackberry devices. Thanks.

  • We can save money from that. Great info, but is it really works? Other companies have the same info I don’t know which is better.

  • Jazzer

    here is also proper Nexus One (N1) MMS settings for T-Mobile for those who is on $5.99 (t-zone) or $10 internet:

    APN: internet2.voicestream.com
    Proxy: (blank)
    Port: (blank)
    Username: (blank)
    Password: (blank)
    Server: wap.voicestream.com
    MMSC: http://mms.msg.eng.t-mobile.com/mms/wapenc/
    MMS Proxy:
    MMS Port: (blank)
    MCC: 310 (that was by default there, I did not change it and it works)
    MNC: 260 (that was by default there, I did not change it and it works)
    Authentication Type: (blank)
    APN Type: (blank)

    • epc.tmobile.com also works for APN, again YMMV ๐Ÿ™‚

      good post!

    • Ididitfirst

      hello jazzer, i hope you can guide me. im moving back to tmo. i signed up for the 500 min talk and added the $10.00 internet and got the sim card. i told them id use my old phone (motorola v195) and later id buy an unlocked phone off ebay. the unlocked will be the nexus, will i be able to surf or will i need to change my settings. thanks in advance.

  • WCPunisher

    Have an iPhone 3G running on Tmobile. I’m on an old school MyFaves family plan and was paying $19.95/month for family unlimited texting and $9.99/month for the unlimited web for phone data plan. Called yesterday and when prompted from TMo’s automated system, I said cancel which transferred me over to their Retention Dept. Spoke a nice lady and explained to her that I was trying to lower my monthly bill because my wife has been unemployed for almost 2 years now (which is true by the way). She was really helpful and right off the bat, offered to cut our unlimited texting plan in half to $9.99/month. I then explained that I had heard that they could also grandfather people into the old $5.99/month T-Zones plan. She said that she wasn’t sure if that was still available and it wasn’t. But what was available was unlimited data for $5/month which is even better. Had her switch me over to that and everything is working great. Didn’t even have to change my previous APN at all. This was so easy to do. No arguing, no nothing. I gotta say, right now, I’m loving Tmobile. $5/month for unlimited data? That’s crazy!

  • Visa Prepaid Cards

    I am using my Nexus One with T-Zones. It works with full 3g speeds. Nothing like paying $5 a month for unlimited 3g internet

  • ClintonRH

    Had to upgrade my minute plan to compensate for a new job. Lost my t-zones plan that I was previously using with a WinMo phone in the process. Got the $10 unlimited data for non-smartphones plan. It sends my Nexus One to the upgrade screen when using the default epc.tmobile.com but switching the APN to internet2.voicestream.com and everything is working again.

    • justin

      Exactly the same case with me , except i’m using the iPhone 3G. Everything works though. Although of course is noticeably slower than 3G plus i can’t text while talking ( then again who does that? =) . Otherwise everything’s just groovy. The $9.99 unlim.data plan is quite a deal really.

      • justin

        *The Edge network is noticeably slower than 3G, i meant to say.
        Great tut.
        Hre’s a link on how i got it working


        Plus a link on how to get the mms (texting/picture messaging) working.


      • Meghan

        I tried to add the $5.99 plan and they just kept telling me that can’t get it with my new minute plan, but I can purchase the $10 unlimited data plan with my non smartphone. So when you switched over to to your iphone 3G (which is what I have) how did you keep the $10 plan? They told me that if I upgrade to a smartphone, the $10 plan does not work. I mean, do you even have to contact them to switch your phone?

        • Justinkams22

          I did not. Megan. They actually assumed i owned a regular phone, otherwise they might’ve recommended the Web for Smart-phones Plan had they known i planned on using an IPhone. I say go forward with the deal, purchase the $9.99 Unlimited Web Plan without consorting them.
          Follow the above videos and you should be all set.
          My apologies for responding so late, I’d pretty much forgotten about this thread.
          Cheers and GL.

  • Update: 6/20/2010

    Nexus One on Froyo 2.2 w/Tzones getting on avg 1.0 to 1.9mbps download speeds and .5 – .7mbps upload speeds.


    and still $5.99

    Minneapolis, MN

    • Ggladstone

      where did you get Froyo?

      • over at xda-developers.com good stuff. official froyo should be pushed all nexus ones this week though.

  • Ggladstone

    Just got my Nexus, popped my old sim inside and fired it up. Works like a charm, my t-zones still surfing away, 3G speeds, Marketplace, etc all working w/o adjusting any of the settings. Upon logging into my t-mobile account I discovered that they still think I am using my old Dash (even after a few days of intense Nexus use). Thanks for this, the Nexus will pay for itself long before a 2 year contract would be up.

  • Meghan

    How did you guys convince T-Mobile to give you the $5.99 plan? They keep telling me it does not apply to my new minute plan (I signed up almost a year ago), what do you guys say to them??

    • James

      @Meghan, @Ggladstone:

      I had been doing this for the past 2 years. i stumbled upon it myself, hoping it would work and it did.. I had a nokia e71 (bought it straight from nokia, unlocked) and i just signed up for tzones @ 5.99/month. Id even tether it to my laptop. I just ordered the nexus one and decided to switch over to the 69.99 plan that has unlimited data, 1000 min, unlimited texts. it comes out about 2.50 more than my previous monthly bill but to me its worth the satisfaction because you never know if theyll look at the data usage and decide its way over the amount one should be using under a t-zones plan. they seem to have changed the plans around so this little loop hole isnt really necessary anymore. so dont worry about signing up for tzones. just sign up for that plan. no contract needed either. hope this helps. good luck!

  • Tom

    I tried with an old Motorola V600 to get the $5.99 T-Zone plan. The rep told me it’s no longer available, instead he offer me the first 30 day of free internet with the $10 plan. Has anyone have any success getting the $5.99 T-Zone in this month of July 2010?

    • i think its getting REALLY HARD (ie almost impossible) to get the T-Zones plan anymore. I’ve had it for quite sometime and plan to not give it up (if anything, i would get a new line w/just voice for more voice mins).

      the $9.99/mo unlimited is still an amazing deal vs any other carrier in the USA. T-Mobile doesn’t restrict tethering either or add another charge and another reason I stay with them. ๐Ÿ™‚

      hope that helps

      • Arjun

        Does the Nexus One HAVE TO be unlocked? What if its a T-Mobile branded phone? Then it wont’ work?

        Is anyone with a tmobile branded nexus one using it with tzones?
        Please help – Buying in the next couple days!

        • Rabba

          i would hold off on it…my nexus one just stopped working with the 5.99 plan

          • Asd

            My nexus one stopped working today too! The jig is up ๐Ÿ™

          • DATA IS BACK! must have been a temp issue since i also got upsell pages during the day.

            ๐Ÿ™‚ tzones and nexus one again working

          • Asd

            you were right about the data being back. However, later that night, my N1 powered off because battery went out. I connect the charger and turn it on and the 3G sign disappeared completely. Not even the “E” sign for edge. it’s still the same this morning. Hope I’m not the only one with data loss again ๐Ÿ™

          • i had same issue but seems to be fine again. perhaps they were doing network upgrades today?

        • i think a tmobile branded should be fine but i can’t confirm this 100% since i bought unlocked to not lose my plan. if you get your n1 from tmobile they will force you to get the newer $30/mo plan.

          • Agaga

            there is no such thing as a tmobile branded nexus. even if you get it on contract its still unlocked

  • Lynn

    i’ve been a tmobile member for 6 years, but i’ve never had tzones, but i definitely remember when it was offered. yesterday, i upgraded and renewed for a 2 year contract for the G2. i convinced the sales person to give me the data plan for $20/month, but you think i can call back and ask for the tzones. i already know that i can get it unlocked, but do you think the G2 will work with tzones? otherwise, what do you think the chances of me getting the plan down to $10/mo? i just think it’s ridiculous how expensive these charges can total to for a year!

  • Njvault

    Hi, If I use my $5.99 Tzones plan with my laptop to get internet service in the Dominican Republic, how will I be charged? Thank you.


  • Justin

    Hello there Seamonkey.
    Justin here again. As you may well be aware of T-mobile’s got he 4G thing going on. And while I’m i know 3G couldn’t possibly work (theoretically at least) on an iPhone 3G, is the plan at least faster than Edge? If it is then i might as well go for it though it’s got a 200megs monthly limit as opposed to the Edge’s Unlimited plan. Both cost the same though.

    • Frank

      The iphone will only get 2g, the hardaware’s 3g and 4g is for a different radio frequency.

  • Internetsarefun

    so is t zones still availible?
    i was told about this a while ago and i hope im not too late

  • fertie

    I think T-M has changed its data plans, but there is now a $10/mo plan with a 200MB limit that is a fairly good sub for the old T-Zones.

  • Y cant I have unlimited connection speed the shyt makes no sense web and data go hand in hand sum 1 help me

  • Gary

    I was running on the $5 data plan on my Nexus One and got several new free phones for family. I was send new 3G Sims cards or so the say
    Tried several in my Nexus one and the 3G signal, but getting unable to connect message. I requested to get my old SIM card re-activated. It takes
    48 Hrs to do and hope it fixes the problem. In my other older web phones I get registration errors when i power them up at times now

    has anyone else had this problem?

  • kyakuwarichard

    i like it so much

  • AJ

    I’m using an iPhone 4 with T-Mobile’s T-Zone and paying $5.99. If I switch to Samsung Galaxy S III, will my T-Zone still work?

  • mike

    I was also wondering if I get The samsung galaxy s III will my t-zones still work? I have a second gen sim card should I upgrade my sim or cut my old sim down.. And Should anyone getting the samsung galaxy S III first root the phone before we put our sim card in. I have had Tzones for many years and with several high end smart phones without any issues and would hate to lose it. I also have a flexpay plan they are trying to get me off of.

    • csper

      Also wondering about the S3. Has anyone tried this? Any luck?

      • jimmyselix

        is this a Galaxy S3 unlocked or from tmobile? if its unlocked and not tmobile branded, you should be good to go! if its a tmobile branded phone, it will not since tmobile has the IMEI number in it system and in turn can block data services to it since its in their database. if its unlocked from samsung, tmobile has no record of that phone and just sees it as a normal basic phone. however, i can’t confirm this 100% since i lost my tzones last year when i ported my tmobile ph# to google voice and lost my tzones.. so sad.. ๐Ÿ™ >

        • mike

          how did you lose tzone by porting to google voice? i use google voice but didn’t port my number glad i didn’t right now. so how would i buy an unlocked version of the s3. I can buy a S3 from tmobile without a contract from someone who has a upgrade for $300 but it will be a tmobile phone. What will rooting the phone do? will that help any?>

        • csper

          > It is an unlocked S3 purchased from Amazon. It works! But only at Edge speed (and very terrible Edge speeds, at that.) Is it possible to enable 3G or 4G speeds? Thanks!

  • People dont upgrade to IOS 6 with gevey sim dont work now!!!Gevey sim unlock the 04.10.01 baseband and the older!