Zune HD: How to Turn the Device Off

Posted September 24, 2009 by Rob Rogers in Green computing, Zune

Even though the Zune HD has a power button, simply pressing it will not turn the device off. To turn off your Zune HD and preserve your battery, follow these steps.

1. Press and hold the power button (located on the top of the device).

2. Continue holding until POWER OFF is displayed on the screen.

3. Using the touch screen, slide the POWER OFF window to the bottom of the screen and the device will turn off.


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The Conversation

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  • Anonymous

    This option is not working at all.

    2 or 3 seconds is not working.

    POWER OFF is not displayed at all when pressing the button.

    Please help help help in how to turn this thing off.

  • Anonymous

    All the options are not working.

    Please help help help

  • Aileen

    I tried doing this… but for some reason.. it just restarts.. and my Zune HD is brand new.. as in just opened from the box. Am i doing something wrong?

    • D_van

      same thing happened to me

  • New Zune Guy

    Hello, The ONLY way I am able to turn off my Zune HD manually, is if I hold down the power button until it reboots (no POWER OFF ever shows up) and then wait until the colored bar starts up from the bottom. As it is booting, I then press the power button again and it shuts off . By the way, mine is brand new out of the box just today. It is rather frustrating that the very first thing I try to do (shut it off) is not possible. Not on Zune’s site (how to turn off) what was there and other posts I read, didn’t work for me. I hope this info helps!

  • New Zune Guy

    Hello again, OK I have an update. My NEW Zune HD32 would not stay off no matter what I did when it was new. The power off screen would not show up either (as stated in the first reply above) NOW, after syncing for the first time, all of the functions do work OK (including the power off function) Lesson: let your NEW Zune stay on if it wants to. After the first sync, everything will work fine. Note: from my perspective, the Zune is a real patience tester! Have fun!