Windows 8: Create a Shortcut for Shutdown and Restart

As everybody knows, the Start menu has been removed from Windows 8. Many people who have been avid users of previous Windows version find it difficult to navigate through the system. Creating shortcuts to power down or reboot the operating system makes living without the Start menu a little easier.

As the Windows 8 OS got rid of the Start menu, sometimes it is complicated to find the most commonly used shortcuts like shutdown and restart.

This tech-recipe is a guide for creating a shortcut for both shutdown and restart in Windows 8. These options will be displayed both on the Windows tiles and in the desktop views. This will definitely save some extra clicks and your valuable time.

We will use the shutdown inbuilt Windows command utility.

1. To set up a shortcut, first switch to desktop view. You can either press the Windows logo key + D on your keyboard or move your mouse pointer and click on the bottom left of your screen.

2. Right-click anywhere, and select a new shortcut from the context menu. In the target field, enter shutdown –s –t 00 to shutdown the system or shutdown –r –t 00 to restart. Then click Next.

3. In the target field, give the shortcut a name such as Shutdown or Restart, depending on the type of shortcut you have just created.

4. Assign an icon to the shortcut for easy identification. Right-click on the shortcut you created, and click on Properties in the context menu. Navigate to the Shortcut tab, and click on Change Icon. Then select the picture of your choice.

5. Now, create a shortcut on the desktop to be displayed on a Windows tile. Right-click on the shortcut you created, and click on Pin to Start. You will see the shortcut on a Windows tile, too.

You can see two new items added on Windows tiles for shutdown and restart.


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  • PeterM42

    For some reason my PC did not like parameters -r -t. I had to change to /r /t

    • Vishwanath Dalvi

      > @PeterM42 Thanks for update, Both format does work in windows environment. 🙂

      • peter

        > Not on my PC.

    • KikedelSolar

      > You have to write shutdown.exe -s -t 00 Not shutdown –s –t 00 and will work.

  • Murali Krishna

    Thanks Vishwanath. This really helps me. However, I would like to ask some thing else. I have observed in Windows 8, PDF files are opened in XPS. But, what I sound strange/shortfall in W-8, is that the PDF files are opened only one at a time. When I tried to open another pdf file, the earlier one closes. There is no multi opening of pdf files in XPS. I would like to have multi opening of such files. Can you tell me how to do it. Thanks in advance.

    • Vishwanath Dalvi

      @Murali Glad you find tech-recipes posts helpful, we put lot of effort when crafting articles here.
      I think you should try installing foxit reader or adobe reader and make sure all pdf files are by default opening with pdf reader software.
      You need to check open with property.
      Hope it helps.

      • Murali Krishna

        Thank for your immediate reply. I would like to know that, is there is any way so that I can open multiple files in Win 8 with XPS. I am sure Foxit reader and Adobe helps. But with adobe, I don’t like its frequent update messages. Whether downloading xps viewer helps?

        • Vishwanath Dalvi

          > Either you can disable adobe automatic updates… I prefer foxit light and fast.. xps viewer is developed to help u and make your job easier when it comes to printing.

          • Murali Krishna

            > Thank you. I will try foxit reader.

  • Brozz

    Works perfectly in Windows 8.1, thanks.