iTunes 8: Use Keyboard Commands for Easy Control of Visualizer

iTunes includes some really cool visual effects you can display while you are listening to your favorite music. By using the keyboard commands, you can easily display Visualizer, toggle between normal and full screen viewing activate some really nice effects.

1. Open iTunes.

2. Select one of the categories in your Library.

3. Press Command + T to display the iTunes Visualizer. The visual effects will start, if you want to view the display in full screen, press Command + F (pressing it again will change it back to normal).

Now you can play with the following single-key commands to get the effect you are looking for:

Change the pattern: M

Changes the colors: P

Freeze Visualizer while Camera moves: F

Freeze Camera while Visualizer moves: L

Show track info: I

Toggle auto-cycling of patterns and colors: C

Toggle nebula (clouds) mode: N


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The Conversation

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  • Anonymous

    Hmmmm….I like this site and read it regularly – but is this really post-worthy? Considering absolutely everything here is clearly spelled out the first time you start the visualizer?

    It might be nice if you stuck to the more ‘In depth’ tips from now on….not the ones we can easily work out for ourselves….

    • orphu:

      Contributions are favored over criticism.

      (If you can do better, feel free to submit your tutorials for review.)

  • Anonymous

    I know you have your little nebula mode, but I call it smoke! The smoke is on by default, but to make extra smoke appear at accented points of the song, press e!
    So basicly:

    Toggle Extra Smoke: E