Ubuntu 8.10: Easily Install Inside Windows for Dual Booting

Posted November 24, 2008 by Rob Rogers in Linux

Dual booting your machine sounds like a complicated task, but if you want to run both Windows and Ubuntu, it is a piece of cake. In a short amount of time with minimum effort you can be set up to boot into either OS on your computer.

1. Download the ISO file for Ubuntu 8.10. Burn the file to CD.

2. Insert the newly burned CD into your CD drive.

3. When the Ubuntu CD Menu appears, click the Install inside Windows button.

4. Select the drive to install Ubuntu. Input your username and password for the Ubuntu account. Click the Install button.

5. Ubuntu will be installed on your PC.

6. Once it has finished installing, reboot your computer.

You will then be given the choice of booting into Windows or Ubuntu.


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  • xtian

    Installing Ubuntu at “Drive D:”
    what if “Drive D:” still have some file like movies, mp3, others files…
    will those files be lost when installation?

    • http://www.tech-recipes.com/ Rob Rogers

      The files will remain intact. Ubuntu is installed into its own directory.

  • xtian

    thanks it worked!

    but i have another concern, after I installed ubuntu into my Drive D: it seems that i can’t accessed previous files in my Drive D: like mp3’s and avi’s.
    I can only accessed my previous files from Drive C:

    how do I accessed/solved this?

    • gou

      you are not clear, you can’t access them from windows or ubuntu?

      if you can’t access them from ubuntu try creating a few GB partition for it and installing it there.

  • computrnrd111

    how much hard drive space does it need and can i install it to a flash drive?
    oh? and will it work on xp sp3

  • ravi

    all is fine with ubuntu when done this way but my windows vista began giving me BSOD very frequently now…
    i have to uninstall ubuntu now, not happy

  • MPP777

    And if I want to install Ubuntu from Windows and with a DVD iso of ubuntu modified to have in the DVD multiboot for UBUNTU and XP etc…

    When I proceed to install from XP it make an error after having proceed the checsum.

    I think that the CD or iso can not be modified to install ubuntu from Windows.

  • Norb

    This is a great step foward from (and for) The Ubuntu Community!!!!

  • http://footballdebate.wordpress.com SuperRon

    Hi, i have tried this today and after installing and being asked to reboot there is no option of selecting ubuntu it just loads straight into windows.

    Any chance anyone can help me with this?

  • Nephilim

    I have recently stumbled across this site and am impressed with what I see so far. At the same time, I would like that a touch more information were provided with such tasks. Such as what the benefits and disadvantages are to installing a ‘buntu distro within Windows. How does it do this? Via a virtual drive, or a simple folder structure? Will I lose any functionality? Will this affect read/write access to NTFS/FAT12/32 partitions?

    I am not asking for a full featured guide, but a few more words here and there would go a long way to ensuring all bases are covered.




    • linuxgeek

      try typing esc all the time while booting… this is a common problem

  • Pravardhan

    I am facing a problem while installing Ubuntu 8.10 inside Windows.

    I am getting the Ubuntu option with the Windows option, and it will boot to the graphical mode and then checks for installation and gives a error as :
    “No root file system is defined.
    Please correct this from the partitioning menu”

    I have got just 855MB free space and after installing, the free space is reduced to 145MB and i can see the .iso files * many files of ubuntu in “ubuntu” folder…..

  • Mike

    I am trying to install Ubuntu 8.10 in this method. The whole process goes fine, escept on reboot I do not get the windows boot manager menu. I went into advanced system sentings and it does show a ubuntu boot option, but during reboot, even if I hit escape, the ubuntu option does not show up. Any ideas? I am installing ubuntu amd64 inside windows vista ultimate x64 svc pk 1.

  • Rob

    I’m trying to do this in Windows 7 but I don’t get the boot menu when I restart, and it defaults to Windows. How can I get it to work??

  • Edcel John

    Everytime I boot with the newly installed Ubuntu, a window with a loading bar appears. I waited but then I saw that there was no improvement when it came to 82% “Scanning the mirror”. I tried to wait for about more or less an hour. Okay, I tired this 5 times. Still, it happens. Even when I use the Live CD and then install or even emulate it. Help please.

  • JuanONE

    Guys this is great!!

  • adroit

    i successfully installed ubuntu 8.10 in windows 7. But when i did a reboot, the OS selection screen did not appear. My system booted automatically to windows 7.please help?

    • Sushrut

      Even i got the same problem.. Somebody please help.

  • Anonymous

    Ty this really help and was very simple

  • http://twitter.com/l_a_rr Lé-Vaughn Roper

    i have two NTFS partitions[C: and E:]. When i install the ubuntu 8.10 into windows on the E: partition then restart. on restart and booting in Ubuntu iand while ubuntu is checking installation i get a “root cant be define” and that i should check partition editor….

  • Anonymous

    i’ve installed ubuntu on winxp sp3
    it worked fine 2 months until now i get an error loading UBUNTU:
    windows is unable to find system file ntoskrnl.exe (text is not exact like this – it is translation from russian)
    windows works without any errors.

  • Anonymous

    I tried installing ubuntu 8.10 desktop edition following these steps. but after rebooting to ubuntu i m just displayed the brown ubuntu screen with no icons and no takbar. pls help!!