Windows 8: Left-handed Mouse Users

   Posted January 31, 2013 by Alex Bahdanovich in Windows, Windows 8

If you are left-handed, using a mouse that is configured for right-handed users will be uncomfortable for you. Keep reading to find out how to change the mouse settings to left-handed mode.

Windows 8, along with many other operating systems, unfairly assumes that all of their users are right-handed. In my opinion, Windows should at least ask you about it when you are setting up your system. This tutorial will show you how you can switch the functions of the two mouse buttons. This will make the mouse more practical and easier to use for those who are left-handed.

1.From the Start screen, search for Control Panel, and click on it. Or you can press Ctrl + Win to bring up a menu from which you can select the Control Panel. 

2.Once you are in the Control Panel, select Hardware and Sound under Adjust your computer’s settings.

3.From the available options, select the Mouse setting from the Devices and Printers heading.

4.A Mouse Properties window will appear. Here, you must make sure that the Buttons tab is selected. Then under Button Configuration select Left-handed. Once you have chosen the desired button configuration, click on Apply and then OK to save your settings. 

You are now able to use your mouse easily with your left hand.


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  • Al

    It would be nice if Microsoft included left-handed pointers too. This way everything is flipped and feels fairly natural.

  • doomed

    I find I am okay with the “Left click” by default while using my left hand and it feels weird swapping the buttons around. (guess it comes from using mice this way for 20+ years) What causes me issue is trying to find a left handed mouse. I am limited to buying symmetrical mice as nobody seems to make left handed ergonomic mice. Kind of funny as computers always seemed to be designed for left handed people, keypad enter backspace etc being on the right, windows start buttons always on the left. I cannot understand how gamers can use the god awful right handed “WASD” setup, using the keypad is the way to go.

    Kind of sucks left handers are a low percentage of humans as it means we are rarely catered to. Oh the wonderful gaming mice I see that I can never use thanks to right handed design. Breaks my heart as a gamer.